DIY Father's day projects for a busy dad at home
Father's day gift ideas WPics

For any of you who grew up with a Mr.-Fix-It, you know that ‘step 1’ of any home improvement project is always call Dad. It might be for simple advice, borrowing tools, or even asking him to help out with whatever projects you’re working on. Well, whether you’re still calling for help or you grew out of it years ago (or maybe you’re the one who gets calls these days!), don’t you think this Father’s Day might be a good time to take care of some home improvement projects for Dad, instead of the other way around? It’s right around the corner and if you’re still looking for the perfect gift, we’ve got easy options anyone can do, just to thank him for all the times he was there for you.

Father’s Day Yardwork

Lawn care shows dad that you care
Landscaping done right MySA

With summertime comes plenty of home improvement work and upkeep to take care of outdoors, and especially if your Dad is getting up there in age, yardwork can be physically tough. Even if not, something as simple as mowing the lawn can cross a big task off his to-do list. Offer to take care of mowing or watering, help pulling weeds in the garden, or offer to take care of some of the landscaping needs of his yard. Summer is a great time to focus on a healthy lawn, and Dad will appreciate you helping get it started.

Installing Window Treatments

Lighting fixtures light up the room
Lights for a Dining room GrandDesignCo

Sure, plain blinds look and work fine, but any house feels more like a home with nice, stylish window treatments, and luckily they’re super easy to install. Think about what needs your Dad has for each particular window - would he want to block out all light at night? What style matches the rest of the interior design? How often will he be pulling curtains back or raising the blinds? Once you know what style of window treatment will work for the window in question, installation is easy.

New TV for Dad

Home entertainment system for Dad
Dad's new home entertainment system Done

What Dad wouldn’t like a brand new, high def TV? Whether you and/or siblings can chip in to buy him a new one or not, mounting the tv (new or the one he already has) is a project that’s fairly easy, doesn’t take much time, and can make a room look put together and polished. Plus, you can get the screen at the perfect angle for watching the game! Of course, if you’re not so sure about mounting the tv on the wall, you can at least call the contractor while you help Dad figure out the new smart remote.

Interior Painting

Interior painting to make the walls look like new
Spice up those walls with some interior paint ASPMWA

Of all home improvement projects, interior painting is probably one of the simplest yet the easiest to put off. Why? Well, it involves moving or covering furniture and venting a room (due to the fumes), and isn’t it just easier to leave the walls the color they are? If you’ve watched Dad put off a painting project or talk about a room that seriously needs painted, offer to take a weekend to do it for him. It’s an easy project for anyone to do and it really only takes a day or two to completely transform a room. With these tips you’ll be painting like a pro and Dad will have the room he dreamed of.

Helping In the Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling or just cleaning can help dad out
Helping hand in the kitchen ehardhat

Maybe your Dad has already got some home improvement projects going on - that doesn’t mean you can’t still help out! If Dad’s got his own kitchen remodel that he’s in the middle of, offer to help out, day of or at another time. So many home improvement projects are easier with two instead of one, and he’ll appreciate the help. It’ll be just like old times, or at least like new times that you both think back to through the rest of the year, and it shows Dad how much you care about him.

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