Home Security Systems

Again, you have numberous options when it comes to the wide variety of different home security systems available (2). So budget and installation skill level are barely a factor when it comes to which brands you want to go with. Most importantly, they'll easily keep you safe when you're home or aware of your house's condition when you are not home. While these are all similar in terms of what the systems con offer, a basic package should entail (3):

  • Locks


  • Security cameras

    Security cameras

  • Exterior motion sensors

    Exterior motion sensors

  • Interior door and window sensors

    Interior door and window sensors

  • A control panel

    A control panel

  • A sign, either for yard or window

    A sign, either for yard or window

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Essentially you're going to want the camera(s) that best compliments your lifestyle. This means that if you're an internet savvy consumer, wireless cameras that sync with your devices are key. Why not have an app that can hook up to your phone? One that can give you up to the minute details about your home and grant you peace of mind. Each model has there own pros and cons, and Consumer Reports did an extensive article on them (4). Keep in mind that audio recording may be illegal in your state, and call your local law enforcement agency to confirm what your rights as a homeowner are. Here is just a short list of the more noteworthy models:

  • Nest Cam Indoor $164
  • Piper classic + Z-Wave Pack $340
  • Vimtag VT-361 Cloud $70
  • Dropcam Pro $200
  • iSmart Alarm Premium Package $350
  • Arlo VMS3130 Indoor/Outdoor $148
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Apps for Security

Most security websites seem to cite in particular the brands of Forntpoint, ADT, and Protect America (5). ADT seems to be the winner in popularity (6). Close behind are Frontpoint for it's customer support, and Protect America next (7). Otherwise some further apps to look into are listed below:

  • Vivint Sky
  • Alarmforce
  • Frontpoint mobile
  • Xfinity home
  • Alarm.com
  • Simplisafe
  • Lifeshield
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Security Lighting

Depending on where you live and what you want your exterior lights to do, you have several options when it comes to security lighting (8). You can have some lights that stay on all night, some motion detectors, or a new kind of lighting that brightens as the motion detection stays on. All of these types have their own pros and cons.

  1. Hi/Low Combination Lighting: these lights stay lit and become increasingly bright as long as something is breaking the motion detection beam. Great for saving energy.
  2. Motion sensors: these go on as long as motion is detected.
  3. All-Night Lighting: blankets the property in light. While safest, also the most energy draining.
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Wrought Iron Fence

And old and often sought-out favorite for larger estates, wrought iron is the go-to for elegant properties that also value secure boundary lines. One of the most stylish approaches to reinforcing your property is in wrought iron. As one of the more expensive fencing materials, it also lasts lifetimes and is perfect for generational homes (9). Wrought iron can cost between $25 and $45 per linear foot.

  • Pros
    • Incredibly strong
    • Makes a statement
    • Intimidating
  • Cons
    • Pricey
    • Not as weather resistant
    • Less private
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Hurricane Impact Windows

Home security isn't just dissuading intruders on your property, keeping your home safe from weather anomalies is also a concern. And for that reason you should look into hurricane windows. This double (or more) reinforced glass panes of polyvinyl butyral will stop winds as high as 200 mph (10). Of course this will also prove a greater challenge for an uninvited guest to attempt to break through. The prices break down into the following categories:

  • Low $378 per pane
  • Med $572 per pane
  • High $717 per pane
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