There’s nothing quite like sitting around a campfire with friends and family. The atmosphere created is warm and inviting, creating memories through story and song. Wouldn’t you love to have a fire pit?

Building a backyard fire pit is an easy do-it-yourself project that can transform your outdoor space. All it takes is a little planning for you and your guests to relax by the glow of the fire. Follow these three easy steps to plan the fire pit you’ve been dreaming about.

Learn how to build your own backyard DIY fire pit.
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1. The Plan

In order to determine what kind of fire pit you’ll build, it’ll be important to consider what you’d like to use it for. What kind of feelings do you get when you think about your fire pit? Is this a chic spot designed to host a glass of wine by the fire, or maybe a cozy secure smore station that provides endless family fun. You’ll need to decide if the backyard will now choose to center around the fire pit, or if it will be one of the many pleasures of the space. A good jumping off point would be to consider where do you see it located. From here you can decide if this will this offer any risks to people or property.

2. The Location

The first step to choosing a place for an enjoyable outdoor fire pit is determining a location that can host it safely. Ensure that mandatory regional regulations are met, and leave at least ten feet from the nearest structure or plants. Consider that there should be a seven-foot space fully around between guests and the fire at all times, to make safe travelling. Don’t forget to keep in mind wind patterns as blowing smoke can deeply hinder the experience.

3. The Style

Now that you’ve considered the practical elements, it’s time to choose a style. Options range from custom built to DIY, and can be permanent or portable fixtures. The choice will depend on your desired style of usage. From there – the options of visual appeal are lasting with a variety of sizes, and designs to suit every space. Consider your budget and your style to ensure you’re getting something you’ll really love.

Once you know how you’d like your fire pit to look you can decide where it will fit. There are options for permanent in ground, permanent aboveground and portable pits easily accessible depending on your level of commitment. Portable works well if you have a variety of safe locations in your yard in which the fire pit could rest, while a permanent solution offers the ability to customize for a beautiful pit that will fit seamlessly in your space.

Building Your Fire Pit

Now that you’ve considered these three elements, you’re ready to get building. You’ll need a shovel, measuring tape, spray paint to outline the shape/size, wood stake, concrete blocks, fire bricks, landscaping stones, sand, level, rubber mallet, masonry adhesive and gravel to complete your task.

To build your fire pit, dig a hole 8-10 inches deep and fill with 2-inch layer of sand. Then, insert a metal fire ring or simply a circular frame into the hole. From there stagger layers of bricks or stones around the pit, adhering with masonry and light your fire! And remember – never build or host a fire pit over a deck or a combustible wood surface.

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