Moving in with someone is a wonderful and exciting next step in any relationship. Decorating together, however, can sometimes prove to be difficult. That's why we've done our research and made up this guide for you and your partner.
Decorating with another person can sometimes be difficult, but it doesn't have to be! Via Nous Decor

​Moving in together with someone is exciting, right? But trying to decorate with your partner can also be very challenging. Truth is, there will likely be serious differences, simply because design is incredibly subjective and you’re both intelligent thinking people with very different ideas.

So, to avoid unnecessary divorces, let's take a look at some tips and ideas for decorating together!

Planning is Essential

Planning before you start decorating is essential to making the decorating process go smoothly.
Careful planning is essential to make the decorating process go smoothly. Via Domino

Don't spend a dollar without planning. This step may take longer than anything else, but it's very important if you guys and gals want to save money. There's nothing worse than realizing you could've employed your money better after it's already too late.

To avoid that, how about creating a Pinterest board with cool ideas that you both like? That's a great way to find out what kind of decoration you're going for, and that depends a lot on what kind of couple you are. Will there be a lot of cute humor that will make your friends roll their eyes when visiting? Pop cultural references that only the two of you will understand (and a bunch of other people too, but mostly just you two)? Or just practical stuff with some nice colors and designs? Discover all that before you even think about touching your wallet. It’s all about creating a space you and your loved one will want to spend time together and feel at home.

Work With Palettes

Using palettes is a great way to combine both of your styles.
Color palettes are a great way to combine styles. Via Eye of Horus

First thing you should do before painting anything or buying anything is agreeing on a color palette you both like. It's practically impossible to pick just a couple of colors you both love, so work with palettes. They will make it a lot easier to pick decoration because now you both know what matches what, and what colors to avoid.

Say you’re both the serious type; you can go straight for the desaturated look, full of grayish colors. It’s a professional and serious palette that can create a stunning, mature room.

“But what’s wrong with a little bit more color?” you may ask. No problem! There are a billion ways to create a more colorful look that can be feminine and masculine in equal measures.

Using the Color Wheel

Using color palettes is a great way to combine styles.
Using a color wheel is a great way to figure out which colors will work best together. Via Pinterest

You can also use the ever popular Adobe Kuler, a favorite tool for designers. With this tool, you can easily find which colors compliment each other. Men generally prefer colder darker colors, while women prefer warmer brighter tones, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface with how much you can do. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Conflicts Are Fun

Use conflict in decorating styles to learn how to coexist.
Experiencing conflict during decorating can be a wonderful learning experience instead of a deal breaker. Via Real Simple

There is absolutely no need to panic if there's conflict, because conflict is only bad if you make it so. Naturally, what conflict is, is an opportunity to learn. In this context, disagreeing on where the couch should be is totally not a problem, as long as you're both willing to find a middle ground you can agree on.

Growing Up

If you ever rolled your eyes to your partner and sarcastically said something like "Do whatever you want", that's a sign you're probably 10 years old. Also, following that, your partner will likely do whatever he/she wants and - guess what - you won’t like it. Everything is a learning experience.

Make Compromises

Making compromises is an essential part of decorating as a couple.
Making compromises is essential for decorating as a couple. Via My Domaine

If you're living with this person, surely, you can live with the things they like. Maybe sometimes you won't agree 100% with the thing they like, but surely, you can settle for 80% of it. The mix of styles is what will make your home authentic and unique! With someone else it will be more outside than box than if you were alone, probably. You’ll be surprised on how cool it can actually look when two styles meet.

Mix and Match

Mixing and matching your styles is a great way to develop your compromising skills.
Mix and match styles to create a truly unique home you'll both love. Via Elle Decor and Pinterest

It’s also likely both of you lived in your own places before deciding to move in together, and chances are, you own more than one couch, table, chairs, whatever. So, how do you decide what to give up, and what to keep?

Well, you don’t necessarily have to. Sure, some things have to go, but why not start there and see what you’re not gonna even need to buy for a while? You can both mix and match all of your different tastes and find out what works! When you're with someone you love, you're sharing your life with that person. With moving in together, it makes sense that you want to see a little bit of that person where you live.

Find Balance

Finding the balance between the both of you may take some work, but once you get it, you'll love it.
The important thing to decorating is to find a balance between your styles. Via Pinterest

Okay, so maybe that one room turned out to be a little too masculine for your taste, but the walls are painted and the furniture is already set, so now what? Well, like a wise writer once said: don’t panic. A quick way to balance the room without spending too much is accessorizing.

If the has a masculine tone and you get feminine accessories to spread about, they will stand out much more and balance everything out. Plus, it’s very easy to reorganize and change any way you want it, anytime. The easiest way is to add a beautiful flower vase and some candles. Flowers on the house make it feel lighter and more lively, and can be nice for both of you!

Make a Home

Moving in with someone is a beautiful thing to do, but it’s also messy and requires dedication. It’s only natural that your personal tastes should collide, however, that’s how you get something truly unique. The sum of both your ideas will result in a truly special home.

But if you’re tired of all that math and talk, let me break it down for you: designing with a partner is an unique opportunity to create. So, both of you, just go crazy. With every attempt at something, you will find things that you like and things that you don’t like, but eventually, you will find that magical middle ground that you both LOVE.

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