There are several reasons why someone would need to remove or dispose of dirt that came from a yard or other property. Reasons include building a new home, garage or other home remodeling project, creating a garden and/or landscaping the property perhaps to resolve rainfall runoff from other nearby properties that sit a bit higher. 

Many people in this situation opt to utilize the dirt removal services from a local hauler. You will want to find an easy, effective and cost-efficient solution. Read on to determine which available soil removal service is the right one for you and your specific situation!

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Rent a Dumpster to Haul Off Unwanted Dirt

This is an easy solution for your dirt hauling choices. These roll off dumpsters are typically rented per size or dumpster and/or weight of items being placed into it, which in this case would be soil.

The person needing the dumpster simply calls the business and sets up a drop off dumpster appointment time. When it is full, the company will then come back and haul off the dumpster with any dirt inside.

Remember: Some companies have rules for what you can and cannot place in a dumpster and may vary their pricing based on other factors.


This is a terrific solution for a larger quantity of dirt. There is no need to be home when the dumpster is scheduled to arrive. The rental price is generally a fixed rate.


You will be responsible for loading up the dirt yourself. This may not be as cost effective as other methods for smaller amounts of soil.

Leave the Dirt on the Edge of Your Property & Advertise Free Dirt

Some landscaping companies and people looking to raise the height of their yards for better rainfall runoff may be interested in taking your dirt. Some people have listed "free dirt" online and on certain business bulletin locations or simply put a "free dirt" sign on dirt piled next to a road. 

Tip: Consider posting on social media platforms and/or neighborhood news sites as well. 


No need to rent a dumpster or pay someone to haul dirt away.


Not the most practical method for getting rid of dirt that may sit untouched for an indefinite period of time. This is usually not an option if dirt is on public property, construction, or in other job sites.

Hire a Local Junk Removal or Similar Service

Every community usually has at least one junk removal company that will haul your unwanted items away for a price. The company usually sets up a contact time to give an estimate of the removal costs. This amount is usually based on the load itself, weight of load and where the load has to be taken for disposal.


Gives a scheduled time for removal of the dirt. The hard lifting will be done by the haulers used to this work.


Price may change depending on how the service determines their fees. The homeowner usually needs to be present when the haulers arrive. These haulers usually have a truck weight limit. This option is best for smaller loads of dirt.

Consider Dumping the Dirt Yourself at a Local Landfill

If you have access to a larger truck, it may be worthwhile to dump the dirt yourself at an area landfill site. The costs typically are set at a per-ton rate.


Saves money otherwise spent on removal hauling costs. You can work on your own time schedule rather than having to abide by set time periods for others to haul your dirt away for you. Individuals can stretch out the work over several loads and days.


Some landfills are not open to the public. The dump location may be located too far away to be cost-effective. Requires the use of a truck, and this type of load will get the bed of a truck dirty. Might require more than one trip to get rid of all the dirt.

Factor in Expected Costs Before Settling on the Best Dirt Haul Away Service

Gather up all the information prior to making your final decision. Costs for soil removal can vary greatly due to the composition of the soil and how much moisture it contains. These two factors often cause the soil to be heavier and therefore more costly to remove.

Consider Recycling Your Dirt

Recycling your unwanted dirt could be a viable option. You can store the dirt to use later on another outdoor project like creating a vegetable garden. 

There are some terrific dirt hauling services able to take away or repurpose your unwanted soil. Carefully consider these dirt haul away options before choosing the best option for your unique situation at hand.

Contact a local pro and request a free quote for dirt removal and schedule the best day for you! 


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