Spring is almost here, and if you’re looking for a way to incorporate more flowers into your home’s design and aesthetic, look no further than DIY window box planters! These planters are an easy and great weekend DIY project that will add color and charm to any home. We’ve rounded up seven fun and unique styles of DIY planters to get the inspiration flowing for you to make your own!

Classic Window Box Planter

The classic exterior look for window box planters
Window planter Bob Vila

Starting off our list is the classic window box planter. There’s a reason this simple and elegant box planter will never go out of style. It looks great on any home due to its versatile and charming look.

Galvanized Planters

Simple outdoor garden hanger ideas
Outdoor planters The Polished Pebble

For a more rustic approach to DIY window box planters, using galvanized tubs or planters is a great choice. You’ll get that country feel without having to cut any wood. Simply pick up a couple of galvanized tubs, some hooks, and you’re good to go!

Galvanized Bucket Window Planters

Cylindrical planters that host healthy plants
Galvanized steel BHG

If you like the look of galvanized metal but you don’t want the rustic style of bulky tubs, try using galvanized buckets instead. By choosing individual buckets to hang under your window, you get cute planters that will work well on any home.

Twig Trick Window Box Planter

Nature and nature: twigs as window box planters
Twig window box Improvised Life

When you live in an area that could almost be considered a forest due to the sheer number of trees, you have to figure out what to do with all those fallen branches and twigs. Why not incorporate them into your window box planter? You’ll create a unique and natural-looking window box planter to house your colorful spring flowers.

Shim Window Box Planter

Wooden shim window box makes for a perfect fit
Shim window box The Scrap Shoppe Blog

You may think that shims were only used as spacers for doors, so we’ll bet you never thought to use them for a window box planter! This stunning, modern-looking box planter uses shims to create an eye-catching home for beautiful flowers.

Bottle Window Box Planter

Add more glass to your windows for a colorful exterior suprise
Glass for your windows Wallace Gardens

For those of you who love the look of planters but have trouble keeping anything green alive, consider giving a window box planter a new purpose by housing candles, bottles, and jars. You’ll be able to add style to your home without the fear of losing another plant. Looking for help with the rest of your garden? Our landscapers are top-rated and experienced at designing, installing, and maintaining all types of gardens!

Hanging Window Planters

Hanging garden planters are a great way to spruce up the yard
Hanging garden Homedit

Full window-length box planters could be considered bulky or even dangerous to some homeowners. When you’re looking for a way to get your spring flowers the sun they need without adding extra weight to the facade of your home, consider these DIY hanging window planters. They’re chic, easy to make, and absolutely adorable!

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