Colors determine many aspects of our lives. They affect our moods and emotions. The way other people perceive us largely depends on the colors we wear, too. They also have a huge influence on our living space. Choosing and incorporating colors into our homes make a difference, which is why it is important to know what colors suit what room.

Inspiration for the kid’s room

The most important room for every modern parent is their kid’s room. The color of the walls in the kid’s room will influence their emotional development. When it comes to the Pantone colors, Rose Quartz is a great choice for a kid’s or baby's room. It is a gentle color that expresses empathy. Also, it has a deeply soothing effect, which is an extremely important feature for a baby's room.

In addition to Rose Quartz, Peach Echo is also a possible choice for a kid's room. Moreover, it can be a great choice for a kid's playroom, as well. Its warm and welcoming nature will give your kids and their friends some great time together. Parents should learn more about the ways colors affect kids, to choose and incorporate them in the best way possible.

Charles Progers

Big blue on your walls

With Serenity and Snorkel Blue – the two colors in the Pantone maritime palette – Pantone has made a great option for people who wish to evoke an oceanic mood in their homes. Serenity is the lighter color of these two and has a calming effect. The tranquility it possesses and radiates makes this color a perfect option for a bedroom, especially for people with bad sleeping habits.

House to Home

On the other side, Snorkel Blue evokes the depth and breadth of an ocean. It is a genuine maritime color that fits perfectly to any bathroom or a sunbathing area in a house.

Elle Decor

Safe colors for home office

Today a growing number of people work from home. They need to decorate and equip their home offices in accordance with some rules to increase their productivity. Colors are also involved significantly in making your home office an innovative and efficient place. From the palette of the Pantone colors, the Green Flash color would be a nice option for a home office, either as the dominant color or one of several colors that keep your home office a bright place. In addition to Green Flesh, Iced Coffee is also a wonderful option for a business parlor. Its neutral, but elegant tone has a touch of vintage office furniture. Excellent examples of this color can be seen in some great office-friendly French furniture like Celine Estate Armchair by Maison De Luxe, or Bolton Sideboard by John Lewis Partnership.

Maison De Luxe and John Lewis

Appetite-provoking shades

The colors of your kitchen and dining room walls will affect the quality of your life. For instance, if you go for aggressive warm colors in this area, they could have a negative effect on your diet and weight; read more about the food-color connection here. To make sure we don’t make such bad choices, Pantone have prepared some perfect choices for your kitchen. On one side we have Lilac Grey – a neutral but bold color that blends a touch of lilac with classical grey. On the other side stands the Buttercup Pantone color. It is mere sunshine poured into a color. What other rooms in a home needs more sunshine and joy than the kitchen and the dining room area?

House to Home and Indulgy

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Pantone colors. They publish new guides and catalogs on a regular basis, staying hand in hand with modern trends, which keeps them on the pedestal of color providers. Is it time to introduce your home to some new colors? Why yes! Dare to explore the possibilities. Give your home some vibrant spirit and usher it into a new and bold 2016!

Derek B. Lotts is a writer and the Editor-in-Chief of Smooth Decorator, a site focused on home improvement and décor. Follow Derek on Twitter for more home design ideas.

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