Since the dawn of civilization, humanity has always been drawn to the ocean. There’s something almost ethereal about it that makes us want to be near it. From its vastness to its reported healing properties, the ocean is a mystery we’re constantly trying to figure out. For many people, the ocean calms minds and grants clarity. Perhaps that’s why many of us take our vacations on tropical islands or in quiet coastal towns. If you’re looking for ways to bring the power and beauty of the ocean into your home, consider decorating with the beach cottage chic style. From nautical paint colors to the many decorative uses of rope, you can easily turn your home into the beach cottage you’ve always wanted.

Nautical Paint Colors

Interior home nautical paint color palette
Color wheels Sand and Sisal

Is blue your favorite color? You’re not alone! Some research suggests that our love of the color blue actually stems from our love of the ocean. For many people, the color blue symbolizes serenity and inner peace, which makes it a great color to paint your walls, especially if you want to bring that sense of calmness from the ocean into your everyday life.

Pool Noodle Nautical Pilings

Nautical wall art for your home living room
Wall art Miss Kopy Kat

Nautical pilings are a well-known symbol of the ocean life. However, if you don’t live near an ocean, it can be expensive to buy them. Instead, make your own DIY nautical pilings using pool noodles! It’s an inexpensive and fun project you can use to turn your home into a beachy retreat.

Moroccan Fish Scale Tiles

Bathroom design: nautical Moroccan fish scale tiles
Bathroom scale tiles Mercury Mosaics

If you’re looking to update your bathroom to a more nautical, beach cottage feel consider using Moroccan fish scale tiles in your shower or around your sink. The cool blues and greens will turn your bathroom into a peaceful retreat.

Nautical Shelving

DIY nautical rope plank shelves in the living room
DIY shelving Driven By Decor

It’s impossible to look at thick, braided rope without thinking of boats and the ocean, so why not use it in your home? If you have DIY skills, you can make this nautical shelving made from wooden planks and rope.

Navy Rope Curtain Tie-Backs

Navy rope curtain tie back window treatments
Curtain tricks Pinterest

Another rope project, this curtain tie-back is a great way to subtly incorporate the nautical style into your home while letting the sun shine through your windows. The navy blue color will make you instantly think of the ocean and grant you a little inner peace.

Octopus Chandelier

Lighting fixtures: nautical style octopus chandelier
Octo-lighting Bored Panda

If subtlety isn’t your style, consider hanging this incredible octopus chandelier in your dining room or living room. Endlessly eye-catching, this chandelier is sure to be a conversation starter. Your guests will love it, and we’re pretty sure you’ll never get tired of hearing “Release the Kraken!”

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