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How Much Does it Cost to Resurface a Tennis Court in Storm Lake?

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Tennis Court Resurfacing can increase the value of your home by $2,586

When you have a tennis court at home, you have the benefit of being able to enjoy a good time whenever you need to. You can easily have a game when you need to relax and unwind, while at the same time, you will also be building on your physique and experience in the game. Over continued use, the tennis court will become worn out and this is why you will need to get tennis court resurfacing in Storm Lake. The prospect here does not just lie in getting the resurfacing done, but having a professional to do it for you. By resurfacing your tennis court, you will pretty much be giving it a new lease of life and make it look as good as new.

Fair price breakdown

Whenever the issue of Storm Lake tennis court resurfacing comes up, one of the first things that come to the mind of a lot of people is what it will cost them to have the project done. It is only fair that you think about this so that you can be better prepared when the contractors come in. The cost of resurfacing will, in most cases, depend on the amount of work that needs to be done. The contractors will provide you with a quote breakdown that will include things like cleaning the court, checking it for high and low spots, filling the cracks, and finally applying the surface that you need.

Estimated final cost for tennis court resurfacing

Item Quantity Fair Price
Polished Cost 855 Square Feet $2,301.25
Polished Labor 13.8 Hours $694.59
Polished Job Materials and Supplies 800 Square Feet $39.53
Polished Equipment Allowance $150.68
Totals - Cost to Polish Concrete - 855 Square Feet $3,186.05
Average Cost Per Square Foot $3.98

Find the Best Costs on Tennis Court Resurfacing - Storm Lake, 50588

Other than these, another factor that will determine the cost of Storm Lake tennis court resurfacing is the nature and extent of the damage. If your tennis court is severely damaged, you can be sure that it will cost you a lot more to resurface it than if the damage is minimal. Before the contractors start working on it, however, they will provide you a detailed quote, and then you can give them the go ahead.

Buena Vista County Tennis Court Resurfacing FAQ

One of the main benefits of having Storm Lake tennis court resurfacing is to prolong the life of the court. You certainly want to enjoy many more years of having a good time on the tennis court without any challenges and this is why you need to get in touch with a professional company to handle the resurfacing on your behalf.

Of course, when you decide to sell your house, you will be selling it including everything else that is in the compound. If you have a dilapidated tennis court, it will not really reflect well on the price. In fact, some buyers might even be put off by that. However, if the tennis court is properly resurfaced, you can easily fetch a good price for the house in the market. This is worth noting because when you list the house, you will also highlight the fact that it has a tennis court.

Whenever you need to get the ideal contractors for tennis court resurfacing in Storm Lake, it will be important that you consider the number of years the company has been in operation. This is a good point of consideration because you want a company that has years of experience with Storm Lake tennis court resurfacing. Their contractors must also be people who are qualified, certified, and have the necessary licenses to carry out this task for you.

Last Updated: Sep 4, 2021

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