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One of the greatest ways to upgrade your outdoor space is to add a pergola landscape to it. This stylish architectural feature comes in all sorts of design, depending on your taste and goal.

You can use it as a retreat in the outdoors to relax, read a book, or take a nap.

It can also be a privacy strategy and shelter for pool or hot tub areas – or even an extension of your indoor space. Either way, the balance between aesthetics and functionality is the key to choosing the best option.

If you want to upgrade your outdoor area, pergola landscape designs are the answer, no matter the size of your yard.

Get inspired to create a unique and versatile space with the ideas from this guide. Check them out now!

Pergola Landscaping Design Options

Pergola landscaping design options

Pergolas are features that have been used for centuries, so there are quite a few design options for you to choose from. The most popular ones are:

  • traditional pergolas: with more details and decorative ornamentation – usually made of vinyl;
  • modern pergolas: clean and sleek options – materials vary from fiberglass and aluminum to rustic wood;

These two styles have variations, but are the base for most design options. Besides that, there are several different forms to create a pergola landscape. Continue reading and see!

12 Pergola Landscaping Ideas

Upgrade your outdoor space with these inspiring pergola landscape design ideas. Take a look and choose the ones you find most appealing. Remember: you can mix the tips as you want and create an even more unique spot!

1.  Entertainment area

Entertainment area

Set outdoor sofas and chairs and receive your guests in the most welcoming and inviting spot of the house.

2.  Outdoor room shelter

Outdoor room shelter

No matter whether it is an outdoor kitchen, dining area or living room, the pergola will protect your place and also delimit the backyard areas.

3.  Relaxing spot

Relaxing spot

Set swings and napping nooks to relax in the dappled shade whenever you feel like it.

4.  Poolside feature

Poolside feature

Add a pergola next to your pool and upgrade the pool space with some shade and coziness.

5.  Private hot tub

Private hot tub

If having an exposed hot tub is the last thing you want, with a pergola, privacy will be re-established.

6.  Kids exclusive spot

Kids exclusive spot

Motivate your kids to be outdoors creating a kids-only area for them under the pleasant shade of a pergola.

7.  Warm ambiance

Warm ambiance

With a fire pit under your pergola, the cold nights will become more comfortable and relaxing.

8.  Natural vibe

Natural Vibe

Set a wine plant climbing up the pergola and create a natural aspect that will fit perfectly in your yard.

9.  Lighten up the outdoors

Lighten up the outdoors

Put string lights to have a magical atmosphere in your pergola area for the evenings.

10.  Porch-like style

Porch-like style

Install a pergola attached to the house to create an extended porch zone.

11.  Remote oasis

Remote oasis

Set the pergola far from the house area to have an inviting and intimate mood.

12.  Corner spot

Corner spot

To make it even cozier opt for a 3 sided pergola in your yard.

Also, another important piece of information is that the average pergola height is between eight to ten feet. However, you may vary this according to the design, purpose, and placement of the pergola you choose.

How to Install a Pergola

How to install a pergola

After you know exactly what is the best model for your home, understanding outdoor pergola installation is the next step. Besides choosing material, style, and functionality, you should take these steps to effectively install a pergola.

  1. Consider the size of your outdoor area and the available space.
  2. Find the ideal location having sunlight, accessibility, and distance from the house in mind.
  3. Make sure you have all the necessary tools available.
  4. Measure the correct distance from where the posts should be placed.
  5. Dig the holes where they will be put.
  6. Set the posts and fill the hole with concrete for them to be firm – and remember to level them well.
  7. Use brackets and screws to attach the beams onto the posts – only after the concrete has dried!

After that, you can decorate as you wish and add the shade as you please – with cloth or canvas! Make sure to take the most of your new pergola with your friends and family.

Can You Install a Pergola on Pavers?

If you are wondering how to install a pergola on pavers, there are some additional aspects to take into account. The process is almost the same, but the pavers must be stable and you must be certain that your pergola is deep enough into the ground. Anchoring might be necessary.

The process of installing a pergola landscape can be challenging and nothing looks worse than an uneven and bent pergola. Make sure to have a licensed deck builder install it in the best way possible.

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