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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Interior House Painters in Lombard?

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What type of painting project is this?

Interior House Painters can increase the value of your home by $3,692

If you are spending most of your time outside of your home, you may tend to overlook the fact that your interior walls need fresh paint too. If you want to ensure that your wall paint remains vibrant and beautiful, make sure that you hire an interior house painter in Lombard for your painting job. Painting your interior walls may sound easy but a lot of work is needed to ensure that the end result will be satisfying. Interior wall painting is one of the most favorite do-it-yourself projects of many homeowners. It is all fun and excitement until after a few weeks when the newly applied paint starts peeling and cracking. This usually happens when the walls are not cured and the preparations were not done appropriately. That won’t happen when you hire a professional interior house painter in Lombard. They have the experience and knowledge needed to ensure that the applied paint will stay longer. There are different kinds of paints today and using them depends on the surface material of your wall. If you do not want to damage your wall surface, do not attempt painting it if you do not know a thing. It is recommended to a get professional painting service from Lombard interior house painters. Not only will they take care of your wall but you will be saved from wasting your money and efforts in doing a DIY project that can be fruitless in the end.

Fair price breakdown

Most interior house painters in Lombard charge for their services by the hour. It is estimated that hiring a quality Lombard interior house painter can cost around $70 to $90 per hour depending on the complexity of the project and the size of the area that will be painted. The price may also change if you choose to get into a house painting contract with the company that will provide the interior house painters in Lombard for your project. The contract may include the materials and the labor cost of the painters for the whole duration of the project.

Estimated final cost for interior house painters

Item Quantity Fair Price
Painted Surface Labor 122 Hours $6,323.77
Painted Surface Job Materials and Supplies 1200 Square Feet $1,089.77
Totals - Cost to Paint House Interior - 1282 Square Feet $7,413.54
Average Cost Per Square Foot $6.18

Find the Best Costs on Interior House Painters - Lombard, 60148

The rate of interior house painters in Lombard may also vary depending on their experience and skills. There are painters that only specialize in applying plain colored paints on different surfaces while there are Lombard interior house painters who can do faux painting. These painters can mimic the look of stones and other material surfaces. You can hire them to give your plain walls a brand-new and appealing look. However, their rate can be expensive because of the skills needed in doing faux painting. Still, if you see the results, the amount of money that you will spend is all worth it.

Dupage County Interior House Painters FAQ

The preparations that interior house painters do depend primarily in the condition of the walls and the materials it is made of. If there is an existing paint, it is important that it is removed first. Wall cracks should be fixed as well to ensure that the surface is smooth. If the walls are located in the bathroom, interior house painters will ensure that they are dry and clean. Technically, the preparation of walls includes cleaning it and ensuring that cracks and dirt are removed thoroughly before the primer and paint will be applied.

It depends. If there is more than one interior house painter working on your house, it can be completed faster. However, it may take a longer time if the surface of your walls needs a meticulous painting technique. Getting faux painting may also affect the speed in which the interior house painters will complete the project.

Yes. Professional interior house painters are experienced and guaranteed to waste no time in finishing your project. In case any problem arises after the project has been finished, you can call them in and they will fix it for you at no extra cost.

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2019

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