Few things are better than having a fireplace in your living room or another central room of your home. Not only does it provide all of the warmth that you need on a cold night, but it gives you a fun place to relax and unwind. 

An important aspect of your fireplace is the chimney, which removes smoke and forces the flames away from your home. It should be inspected at the beginning of each season before you use it for the first time. Do you know why?

There are many important benefits to having your chimney cleaned when a pro inspects it, and here are the top 5! 

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Carbon Monoxide Buildup

Though the average chimney sweep cost might seem high to you, keep in mind that it will help you keep your home and family safe. 

Carbon monoxide is a type of natural gas that releases when you burn wood and other things in your fireplace. A clean chimney provides a safe space that allows that gas to rise and leave your home. Any type of debris lodged in the chimney blocks it, redirecting the smoke back into your home. 

The side effects of inhaling this smoke can include problems with memory and concentration, among others. A buildup of carbon monoxide can even lead to death. As the gas has no odor, you may not even realize that you have a problem, especially if you don't have a carbon monoxide detector.

Eliminate Obstructions

Another important benefit to cleaning your chimney is that it eliminates obstructions, which can refer to any type of debris trapped in the chute. 

Have you ever heard scurrying sounds coming from your chimney? This can indicate the presence of squirrels and other wild animals. This commonly occurs when you only use your fireplace a few times a year. As the chimney stays cool, animals view it as a safe place for their nests. You may see some wild birds living in your chimney, too. 

If the chimney cleaning cost quote you get seems high, keep in mind that cleaning it will also remove any obstructions.

Stay Warmer

Some people think that fireplaces take a lot of money to run and that other heat sources are a cheaper alternative. One reason the cost may be higher is that you have obstructions or problems in the chimney that affect how wood burns. 

You also face similar issues with a gas fireplace. Anything stuck in the chimney and any type of clog will affect the flow of oxygen. As the fireplace cannot get enough oxygen, it takes longer to burn. You'll find that you need to spend more money to run your fireplace and keep your home at the temperature that you want. 

Chimney cleaning helps you keep your home at a comfortable temperature for longer and lets you spend less money on your heating bills.

Reduce Smoke

Have you ever lit your fireplace for the first time and found that it almost immediately produced smoke? A good and clean chimney allows smoke to rise and quickly move through the chute and to the outside. If there is a clog, that smoke has nowhere to go except back inside your home. 

You may find so much smoke in your living room that you have problems breathing. That smoke can also bring along ash that coats your furniture and takes a lot of money to remove as well as leave behind an intense and heavy odor. Your family can become quite sick from the smoke they inhale. 

With chimney cleaning services, you get a pro who can come to your home and make sure that the smoke leaves your home safely.

Prevent Fires

There are many ways you can prevent fires caused by your fireplace such as using dry wood and sticking to smaller pieces of wood. More than 200,000 chimney fires happen every year and cause millions of dollars in damages. A simple fire can cause so much damage that you need to rebuild your home or spend months in a hotel until insurance can fix the damage.

The most common cause of fireplace fires is a dirty chimney. You have no way of knowing what happened to your chimney during the off-season. Animals can build nests and leave behind debris or you might find that tree branches and leaves fell down the chute. 

There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to your home filled with smoke. A key benefit of chimney cleaning is that it greatly reduces the risk of a fire breaking out. 

Contact a pro in your area for a chimney inspection to make sure your chimney is clean and your family is safe.


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