A splash of bold, unexpected color can transform your room from dreary to dazzling in an instant. Whether you want to paint an entire wall, use furniture, or use smaller accent pieces, bringing color into your home is sure to make it more cheerful and more beautiful. Here are five ways you can add bold and bright colors to your home.

Accent Walls

Interior painting: brightly colored accent wall
Accent walls let you add a splash of bold color without going overboard. Source: Webpal Networks

Accent walls are wonderful interior design tricks, especially if you’re trying to make a room seem larger or if you’re not sure how you feel about painting an entire room a bold, bright color. The trick to creating an amazing accent wall is to use a wall that you look at as soon as you walk into the room or a wall that already draws attention.

Some examples of walls that make great accent walls are:

  • The wall behind your bed’s headboard
  • The wall in your living room with your fireplace and/or TV on it
  • The wall you see when you first walk into your dining room


Loud, vibrant colors and designs for a home interior
Brightly colored furniture mixed with colorful walls makes a bold statement. Source: Arober Home Design

Brightly colored furniture used to only have a place in a child’s room. Recently, however, many homeowners are repainting old furniture from thrift stores and making DIY projects by turning them into bright and beautiful new furniture. Having bright furniture instantly makes your home feel happier, lighter, and more welcoming. Bright and bold teals and purples are popular and trendy colors for furniture right now and they’ll be sure to give your room some new life.


Grey and yellow carpeting options for an interior living room
Bold pillows can add just the right amount of color to a room. Source: HGTV

If you’re not sure about purchasing a bright pink sofa or painting your dresser a bold turquoise, why not start with pillows? Bright pillows can add a wonderful pop of color to an otherwise neutral room. Whether you want to paint your own pillow case or purchase a few matching throw pillows, you can easily use colorful pillows to brighten up your room.

Lamps and Lights

Bright, attractive lighting fixtures for a home
Like pillows, lamps and lighting fixtures are a great way to add a little splash of color. Source: Tyson.London

Along with filling your room with bright light, brightly-colored lamps can be valuable accent pieces to brighten up your room and your home. As with furniture, you can DIY and create your own bold and beautiful lamps, or your can purchase some that match your existing decor. Either way, you’ll have bright light and bright colors to make your room cheerful and happy.

Curtains and Drapes

Neon blue or teal throw pillows on your upholstery
If you love matching colors, try matching bright curtains and pillows. Source: The FHD

Adding color to your room by using curtains can create a surreal atmosphere as sunlight shines through the colored curtains and makes your whole room glow brightly. Whether you want a simple solid color or a fun print, curtains and drapes make wonderful accessories when trying to brighten your room and home.

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