Herbs are a great addition to any homegrown garden since you’ll have the best flavors to prepare some amazing recipes right in your backyard! However, if you feel like your home is lacking space for an herb garden - whether you live in an apartment or a small house - these tiny indoor herb garden ideas will surprise you with their unexpected use of space!

Hanging Herbs

Hanging herbs.
Image source: Apartment Therapy

A good way to use that small space in your kitchen design, these hanging pots are a unique decor addition that will impress everyone who visits you. The hanging structure also makes it easier if you need to move your herbs to another place.

Wall Mini Garden

Wall mini garden
Image source: Design Hunter LA

Aside from making a strategic garden, this will be a decorative accent in your kitchen. If there’s a blank wall there, why not make it beautiful in a natural way? These pot hangers are easy to install and will make your cooking a lot more practical since your herbs will be right there and ready to use.

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Window Jar Garden

Window jar garden
Image source: Domestically Speaking

It’s important for most herbs to have direct contact to sunlight, so these window jars are perfect for the situation! Even better than that, you can do it yourself at home! Learn more about preparing a mini garden with Mason jars at One Good Thing.

Vertical Garden

Vertical garden
Image source: Brit + CO

A vertical garden is great to save space, and you don’t need to buy a vertical hanger. You can repurpose an old hanging file organizer, or maybe a spice rack. In addition, placing one of these on the balcony is a great solution for people who live in apartments.

One Pot Garden

One pot garden
Image source: House Beautiful

This affordable planter is a lovely kitchen addition - it occupies little space and you can plant several different herbs in it!

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Clothespin DIY Planters

Clothespin DIY planters
Image source: House Beautiful

These are so easy to make you won’t even believe it! This video from Homedit shows you everything you need to know in only 30 seconds! Incredible, right? Along with being simple to make, they’ll help you save some space while getting rid of extra clothespins that are lying around your home.

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Cup Pegboard

Cup pegboard
Image source: Behance

This is a home project idea for growing a larger number of different herbs than the previous entries. You can learn how to make a pegboard here. Then all you need are a few cups and the desired herbs!

Which tiny herb garden is your favorite to give a try at home? Share your thoughts in the comments below and check our DIY & Decor inspiration page to find more home project ideas!

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