Finally, Fall! It started and we can’t wait for the changing leaves with vibrant colors and that cozy sweater weather. We’re falling in love with everything about this next season. Apple cider, comfort food, pumpkins, scenic views and rivers that look like real life paintings. Bring the most beautiful parts of Fall into your home with these color inspirations.

Even cats love Fall foliage
Tree cat Wallamz

Keeping Up With the Foliage

A map of what to expect in Fall
Foliage Map Yahoo

Countless movies show this magical time, books describe it with endless poetry, paintings have been made. The reason? The Autumn changing leaves. Slowly shifting shades from green to yellow, to red and everything in between. It’s one of the most expected things for the season. There’s no way to deny how gorgeous and romantic it is, so make sure to keep up with the peak month projections to enjoy it the best way possible.

Bringing Fall Inside

For Autumn inspired colors there’s no big mystery. Look around you and observe what’s happening. Inspiration can come from even simple places. Maybe the changing leaves fallen on the floor will provide you already with a full color palette for an energetic living room. Or the cinnamon scented latte on your hands makes you want to fill your kitchen with candles. It can be the glass of wine at night or the soft oversized knit sweater that shows you how comfy a knit or plus throw on the couch would be. When walking outside, pick up pine cones for decorations as easy as placing them in a wooden plate with small pumpkins on the side. Whatever your style is, it’s possible to work ways to make your place as pretty and magical as Fall.

Natural Color Palettes


Pumpkins are the ultimate in seasonal color
Pumpkin patch Nature Moms

Suggestions for Paint ColorsRalph Lauren - Baja Orange, Ralph Lauren - Bold Orange, Valspar - Pumpkin Butter 2007-1B, Valspar - Toasted Pumpkin 2006-1A.

Orange paint to decorate your home
Living room coloring Illlit
Orange you glad you painted the bedroom
Orange bedroom Rilane

Red Apples:

Suggestions: Benjamin Moore - Heritage Red, Sherman Williams - Positive Red 6871, Valspar - Classic Red 1009-2, Behr - Grenadine.

Changing Leaves:

Many Fall colors coming together
Fall rainbow Glamorous Housewife

Suggestions for Green: Valspar - Mountain Botanical 6010-9, Benjamin Moore - Apple Green - 2026-40

Matching green and yellow accent walls
Fall paint choices HGTV
Yellow accent walls in a bathroom
Chandelier bathroom Kitzellg
Red kitchen interior paint design
Oven centered kitchen Kitzellg
Floral Fall flair for a bedroom headboard
Oriental bed Playground Time
Matching furniture with the accent walls in a Fall reddish paint
Pretty wall decor Shia-Labeouf

Rich red: Ralph Lauren - Relay Red

Gold and Golden Yellow: Benjamin Moore - Marblehead Gold, Valspar - Golden Spell 3004-1B

Cinnamon and Wood:

Blue tints can still be used for Fall room colors
Light colors for a bedroom Fresh Palace
Comfort and happiness in the Fall season
Pumpkin and spice eonline

For a super natural and comfortable room, shades of brown and cinnamon can work incredibly well. You can even get a painting effect that imitates wood in a subtle way. Fall colors have this warm and inviting effect to them. Your house will be perfect for those late movie nights under the covers on the couch, with a glass of wine or hot cappuccino. Fresh new paint is the biggest change you can do, without changing foundations or going bigger with remodeling. It’s fast and easy and has a dramatic impact. If you’re tired of the colors you have now, make a change and enjoy the cold and the best of the season with a perfect new colorful Fall home.

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