What have you done so far to keep your home warm during winter? It’s about time to start thinking about it and we have five simple tips to make your home the best place to spend the season. Check out these home insulation tips for wintertime.

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Bubble wrap is cheap and effective.
Bubble wrap is cheap and effective. Image source: Huff Post

There are actually several ways to insulate the windows to prevent cold air from getting in, for example:

  • Caulk
  • Sponges with adhesive back
  • Bubble wrap

The bubble wrap is probably the cheapest and simplest option - and here’s how to DIY.

More than that,

Curtains are essential for keeping your home warm. Remember to open the curtains to let sunshine in during the day, and as soon as it starts to get dark, close them so the heat the sun provided won’t go away so quickly.

Floors & Roof

Roof insulation will make your home warmer.
Roof insulation installation will make your home warmer. Image source: Dicimo

Heat also escapes through the floors, so be sure to use rugs during winter. The fluffier, the better! Now, talking about the roof, it’s estimated that about 25% of heat loss is through the roof, so installing insulation is worth the investment.

The average price to get your insulation installed in Richmond, KY is slightly cheaper than in Columbia, MO. Get a local professional to get a more accurate estimate for your area.


You can make a draft stopper out of old socks.
You can make a draft stopper out of old socks. Image source: One Good Thing

Not only windows, but doors are a major cold draft entrance to your home. What you can do is use sponge or bubble wrap, just like the windows. However, in this case, the sponge will probably be easier to use since bubble wrap can make it hard to move the door.

One more thing:

You can use a draft stopper to cover the gap under the door. That will guarantee no cold air getting in!

Electrical Outlets

Make sure to get every hole covered.
Make sure to get every hole covered. Image source: See Mom Click

It may sound weird to have electrical outlets covered, but believe us: when the cold weather strikes, every hole in the house is a way in. So, even the smallest holes, such as the outlets, should get covered. An electrician can help you insulate the outlets, or you can apply some plastic masks yourself - but be extra careful, remember you’re dealing with electricity!

Get your insulation installed ASAP - find a local pro and get a free quote!

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