It looks like there may be a hint of truth tied to the perception of the “ivory tower.” There is recent evidence that may reveal a way to make your home seem much more elegant and classy with nothing more than a simple paint job.

As it turn out, ivory paint boosts home value across the board. Your curb appeal, estimated worth, and (oddly enough) purity are immediately boosted in this one trick. If you can’t decide what shade of white works best for you, take a look at the ivory paint color chart here. Otherwise scroll down to read on.

“I don't see myself in an ivory tower.” - Jeff Buckley

Adding (Maybe) Thousands to Your Home’s Value

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It is a safe bet to coat your home exterior in ivory color paint wall-to-wall. There are many clams throughout the industry that on average, the exterior painting of a home can affect the total price so long as it is an ivory or creamy color. Statistically “greige” (grey and beige) paint seems to be the safest, but there seem to be enough opinions in the business to validate the ivory theory. And the price of ivory colors certainly reflects that point.

  1. Country Living says it can add thousands to your home.
  2. Victoria Gimson claims it is the “single quickest and easiest way to make it [your home] appear far more expensive.”
  3. "I think the one color that makes a room look more expensive is ivory.” Interior designer Tali Roth was quoted as saying.
  4. My Domaine claims it’s a big win when decorating on a budget.
  5. Even Bob Vila suggests that creamy white exteriors can sell for more value.

Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

White paint can make a huge difference
Even a trim can bring up value. Source: USA Today

It’s important to know what the focus areas are for your home's exterior. Ivory, white, and grey are the best colors to paint a house exterior, but make sure to pay special attention to the parts of your home that frame the exterior features as well. This technique is decidedly useful when painting on a budget. Here are the target areas to keep in mind while painting:

  • Trim
  • Frame
  • Front door
  • Sills
  • Gutters
  • Garage door
  • Foundation

Cost Vs. Value

Simply painting a bathroom can boost home value
White and beige colors work best. Source: National Vanguard

The reason people are looking for the best home staging paint colors is because it's such a cheap way to add monumental value to your home. Even the simple act of repainting your bathroom can lead to an increased sale price. Ideally the value you can receive from a simple paint job could be up to six times the amount you spent on the job. This makes painting your home’s exterior a very lucrative investment.

Long Term Insurance

Look at how great that exterior looks!
A beautiful home exterior with white paint. Source: HGTV

Even when you're not looking to sell your home, ivory lace paint color doesn’t just add value, it protects your home from the elements. If it’s a high enough quality of paint, it acts as a shield against damaging winds and rains. This will prevent further decreases in value and looks over time. So keep your home safe and secure by giving it a fresh coat of paint (or two).

Hire a Pro!

Want to get the most out of your dollar? Hire a professional painting crew! They’ll be able to coat your home in the best exterior paint color to sell a house at the highest quality paint job available. Get that professional look your home deserves for a reasonable cost.

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