Occasionally appliances break down or fail. In these cases when the appliance is a bit too unwieldy to carry, you can schedule an appointment to have it professionally hauled off (2). Junk removal Appliance pick-up can be arranged at any convenient time, and a road crew will be standing by to take away the broken appliance. Alternatively, if you're in need of moving an appliance around, especially one of the larger types, professionals can help with that as well. Otherwise appliance removal can help assist in taking away the following:

  • Refrigerator


  • Countertops


  • Dishwasher


  • Stove


  • Television


  • Sink


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Foreclosure Cleaning

When selling a home, it's important to have it professionally cleaned out for the next tenants to move into. So foreclosure cleaning means big business. As an unfortunate product of a slower economy, foreclosure cleanups are predicted to experience serious growth in the future (3). The main difference between this service and junk removal is size, scope, and scale. Junk removal is simply taking away some trash or a large appliance. Foreclosure cleaning is absolutely removing every item in a home before it goes to the next tenants. This means that pricing is usually done by the amount of objects and debris that have to be removed. Normally a foreclosure truck is a minimum of 10ft. long, 8ft. wide, and 5ft. high. A rough price scale follows (4):

  • Minimum Load 1/8th $100
  • 1/6th Load $135
  • 1/4th Load $231
  • 3/8th Load $261
  • 1/2th Load $340
  • 5/8th Load$364
  • 3/4th Load $422
  • 5/6th Load $443
  • 7/8th Load $463
  • Full Load $511
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Another similar issue to appliances, moving furniture in or out of your home is an issue that professionals can help you with. Moving services are always available, especially if you're attached to your home's furniture. If you need to get rid of the furniture, disposal services are offered. A franchise can easily be called in to take away any unwanted pieces (5). Furniture removal or moving services can gold around $25 an hour, depending on the company (6). So be sure to shop around.

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Yet another thing that homeowners may need assistance with, mattress removal is yet another common household need. While it's a bit of a myth that you should replace your mattress every 7 years, there is still some truth around replacing it every 10 years, especially if you don't sleep as well as you have been (6). Mattress disposal is a service that you can easily call upon to rid your home of an old, worn, or broken bed. And the professionals can work with you to establish a good pick-up time. People discard 600,000 mattresses per year in just one state alone, and most of them can even be recycled (7).

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Junk Removal

Finally, anything that you don't want on your property can be taken away easily by licensed professionals. This service is usually pretty generalized and can be applied to anything that isn't a hazardous material. This is also possible and completely necessary for building materials and construction processes (8). So to reduce clutter and optimize organization, hire a pro to have junk removal for your home today. This will be the perfect time to go down in the basement and finally clear through it. Feel free to throw out:

  • Unused furnishings
  • Ugly furniture
  • Old cupboards
  • Waste
  • Concrete chips
  • Trash
  • Broken ceramics
  • Scrap
  • Spare wood
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