Relaxing outdoor hammock for taking it easy in your backyard
Relax in your own yard

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve spent the last few months trying to make the most out of the warm weather while it stuck around. From beach days to backyard pool parties, summer evenings and weekends get filled up much too quickly and can easily become overwhelming. If you’re not already busy this Labor Day Weekend, why not cancel all plans and use the time to relax before the busy autumn season ahead? And what better way to relax than to enjoy some luxurious self-care right in your very own home?

More often than not, vacations become trips: the fun and excitement of traveling, without the added benefits of restoration and relaxation. If you can stay home this long weekend, it might be worth it to retreat into your own home and savor not having to look at your watch while you can. Plus, after reading these tips, you may just want to make every vacation a “staycation”!

Book Nook

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Summer always sounds like a great time for pleasure reading, but more often than not once the swimsuits come out the books get left indoors. Sometimes, staying inside with them (sitting by a sunny window or relaxing in a cozy corner) can be good for your health. The upcoming long weekend provides 24 extra hours for leisure time, which is plenty of time to take advantage of a great reading nook, crank the air conditioning, and settle in with a new bestseller. Don’t forget to take breaks! (Eating and sleeping are important, too!)

At-Home Spa

Spa treatments are the pinnacle of pampering but who wants the stress of traveling to/from something that’s supposed to be relaxing? Instead, create your own at-home spa. As simple as a couple of candles and warm towels, or as extravagant as a new jet-stream tub and steam shower, the options for bathroom remodels are endless (and hard to resist!). Put in the time to create the perfect spa, personalized for your own wants and needs. After a jam-packed summer (and before the chaos of holidays), you deserve it!

Indoor Lounging

An indoor hammock for relaxing in your living room
Living room hammock

Hammocks speak to summer breezes and cold iced tea, but no longer is the experience relegated only to outdoor lounging. With cool new designs for one or two ‘loungers’ and both freestanding and built-in varieties, the relaxing feeling of gentle swaying while you read or watch a movie is closer than it’s ever been. Plus, they’re a great spot for a late afternoon nap, and a classy way to hang on to summer all year round if you tend to come down with the winter blues. Consider installing one before Labor Day - after one weekend, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Completely redone bedroom shades of grey style
Bedroom interior

Who really gets 8-10 hours of sleep every night? The National Sleep Foundation links sleep deprivation to everything from irritability and decreased productivity to high blood pressure and obesity. Yikes! Reset your sleep clock this Labor Day weekend by creating an inviting and relaxing space in your very own bedroom. Think about painting the walls a mellower color, buying new, lavish sheets, or investing in a quality bed. Wary of undertaking a big project before the long weekend? Think of it this way - people spend about a third of their life sleeping. Don’t you think that’s a worthwhile investment?

Aim for a good night’s sleep every night this Labor Day weekend and going back to work on Tuesday will be a breeze!

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