Lay sod over existing lawn

Few tasks are more complicated than deciding if it is better to lay sod over existing lawn or not. It takes a long time, and the back hurts after a while. So any shortcut is welcome, such as installing sod over existing lawn – that seems brilliant, right?

You may be wondering if you can lay sod over dread grass to make the job easier and quicker. The answer is no because it can be quite negative for your lawn. The roots of the new sod will not develop well over old grass and will not allow the new one to thrive and give you the lush green you want.

Despite your rush, taking the longest path is for the best.

Can You Lay Sod Over Existing Grass?

No, you cannot lay sod over existing grass. It is a possible action, but it is highly unrecommended. Laying sod over grass will most likely kill your new grass because the plant's roots need to be in touch with the bare ground to succeed.

You might imagine there is no harm in leaving a layer of old turf underneath new sod, but that will hinder the new grass from rooting and thriving. So, your shortcut will turn into another problem and an even more demanding and time-consuming task.

Will Sod Grow on Top of Grass?

No. The new sod will probably not grow on top of grass – dead, sick, or not. That is because the grass needs to make contact with dirt to establish the roots in the soil and get its nutrients out of it.

Avoid turning your goal to have a lush green lawn into an even more stressful and frustrating activity. Follow this tip if you want a better way to keep your grass beautiful: do not lay sod over existing lawn. Do it on top of bare ground.

Try Laying Sod Next to Existing Grass

After all, if there are only a few spots of dead or damaged grass, you can lay new sod on them, but only if you remove the old grass first. You do not need to change the whole lawn just because of some patchy areas, just remember to remove the old grass from these spots before installing the new one.

What is the Best Way to Lay Sod?

You are probably wondering: what should I do if it is not recommended to lay sod over existing lawn – not if I want a lush green year? You can follow the steps below to change your lawn with a new one without too much work.

  1. Remove the dead grass.
  2. Prepare the soil.
  3. Measure the area.
  4. Choose the right sod.
  5. Lay the sod.
  6. Water it.

Following these steps and keeping strict maintenance, you can replace dead grass with new sod and enjoy your new lush, green lawn.

If these steps are too much for you, or if you still want the best way to lay sod on an existing lawn, reach out for our landscaping services.

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