So you want a yard that you can be proud of, but having a green thumb isn’t exactly your thing. Don’t worry, this article has you covered. Here are some low maintenance landscaping ideas for small yards that won’t take much time or money. Any homeowner can do this, and it will really help out with the lawn. Otherwise, you can always just call in a professional.

”I still don't know why, exactly, but I do think people can have a spiritual connection to landscape, and I certainly did in Iceland.” - Hannah Kent

Plant a Tree

Planting a tree can be fun
Plant a tree for a boost in backyard design. Source: Homeemoney

One of the easiest things you can do is simply to plant a tree. While the initial planting might take a day out of your schedule, trees are very resilient. And moreover, some just flat out don’t require maintenance. The rainwater and natural sunlight is usually enough to sustain them. Trees are perfect landscaping ideas for people who hate yard work. Here is a short list of the easiest trees to deal with.

  • Washington Hawthorn
  • Tuliptree
  • Red Buckeye
  • Sweetbay Magnolia
  • Mimosa Tree
  • Northern Catalpa
  • Kousa Dogwood
  • Jane Magnolia
  • Goldenraintree
  • Flowering Dogwood
  • Eastern Redbud
  • Ann Magnolia

Plant Lavender

Some plants are much easier to take care of
Some plants don't die so easy. Source: HGTV

Maybe plants are more of your thing than a tree. If that’s the case, just plant lavender. This hearty plant is very resilient and can survive with little to low maintenance for years. If anything, you’re more likely to overwater it, because the plant is very sensitive to humidity. In any case lavender is great for low maintenance backyard landscaping.

Aside from looking great, lavender can also reportedly do the following.

  • Ease headaches
  • Act as an anti-inflammatory
  • Mix with soap
  • Be used in cooking
  • Repel gnats
  • Repel mosquitos
  • Become a fragrance


Yet another minimal landscaping idea
Lawn chairs and a fire pit go a long way. Source: Bobvilla

One of the easiest things you can do without much maintenance is mulch your yard. Around the shrubs, around the plans, defined with borders… there’s no wrong way to mulch. Mulch definitely falls under the category of “easy landscaping ideas for beginners.” So mulch your garden and enjoy.

Rocks and Stones

A walkway can also be a great idea
Adding a pathway can help with the yard. Source: Worthminer

Create borders, pathways, and walkways with rocks. You can use stone slats, pebbles, white rock, and just regular old stones. Rock doesn’t really need any maintenance outside of resetting the pieces should they fall out of place. Rocks are perfect for low maintenance backyard landscaping. It’s all about placement.


A crossway can also be an incredible benefit
An upgraded pathway looks great too. Source: Homeedit

Creating borders and pathways makes your garden seem so much more legit and it can be super easy. All you need is a material to work with and the spot to work in. This easy front yard landscape idea only needs a will and a way. Consider using one of the following materials to craft edges in your yard.

  • Rocks
  • Bottles
  • Hockey sticks
  • Flowers
  • Pavers
  • Cement blocks
  • Cinder blocks
  • Wooden walls
  • Hardscape
  • Plastic items

Refurbish an Antique

Do you have an old timey bike? Or a clawfoot tub? Maybe you’ve held on to several boots or shoes over the years? Turn them into planters! Taking old stuff and refurbishing it into new garden decor can prove to be a fun and rewarding experience. Moreover they can prove to be simple landscaping ideas on a budget.

Add Lights

Adding lights can help out a lot
String together some outdoor lights. Source: Mopping the floor

Nothing is quite as dramatic as adding lighting fixtures to a garden, especially at night. This can really light up the backyard and provide some talking points for friends and family, as well. Best of all, it’s one of the best landscaping ideas for people who hate yard work. You don’t have to plant or water anything.

Looking for some landscaping ideas? Get only the best. Contact a professional today to get a free estimate and get started.

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