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Incorporate these low-maintenance shrubs into your yard: Azalea, Elderberry, Boxwood, Abelia, Bluebeard, Paper Bush, and more. Achieve the dream of spending less time and effort on upkeep while still enjoying a beautiful landscape with these shrubs!

All of them are different, requiring varying amounts of sun, shade, and watering. Their sizes and flowers also differ greatly, so you need to choose wisely, making sure they will fit your yards. Check it out!

14 Best Low-Maintenance Shrubs For Your House

It does not matter if you are a busy professional, a novice gardener, or simply someone who prefers to spend more time enjoying their outdoor space than working on it, these low-maintenance bushes and shrubs are sure to save you money on upkeep too.

1. Hydrangea macrophylla

Shrubs pink and red flowers of hydrangea macrophylla.

The shrubs of the Hydrangea family are some of the best low-maintenance shrubs for shade you can have in your house. They adapt well to different conditions and have varieties of many colors.

2. Azalea

Pink azaleas on the stone bank of a waterfall. Garden with azaleas in japanese style

The Azaleas are one of the top choices when low maintenance is the goal. There are many types, the Japanese azalea being one of the most common. Pick your favorite and add this colorful shrub to your home.

3. Elderberry

Flowering bush of black elderberry in nature

If you want some contrast in your garden during the year, Elderberry bushes will be your top choice. The flowers bloom to a beautiful white and then turn black when the berries start to develop. By the way, the elderberries are edible, but only when cooked or fully ripped.

4. American arborvitae

Thuja trees, american arborvitae, evergreen ornamental plants.

This evergreen is a good deal to make a hedge. Cold tolerant by nature, they grow packed branches that don't need pruning, unless you want to shape them, making them an excellent candidate for best low-maintenance shrubs for landscaping.

5. Boxwood

Green fence with boxwood shrubs.

Another good option in the same family, the boxwood bushes grow to a smaller and more compact shape. However, you must plant it somewhere with space for its full development.

6. Abelia

Abelia shrub, known for its beautiful flowers

If you want one of the best low-maintenance colorful shrubs, the abelias are a safe bet. They are almost maintenance-free once fully established and have a long bloom time. Also, their colors are not so bright and might match well with your whole garden.

7. Bluebeard

Bluebeard shrubs, known for their vibrant blue flowers.

The Bluebeard shrubs have beautiful shades of blue, and are easy to plant and care for, making them an excellent choice for low-maintenance small shrubs for the front of your house, as they show off a different and elegant color.

8. Paper Bush

Blooming Edgeworthia chrysantha flowers, resembling paper bushes.

The Paper bush is a shrub known for its fragrant, yellow flowers that bloom in late winter to early spring. This shrub has an attractive, grayish-green foliage and a rounded growth habit. Your garden will stand out with these!

9. Weigela

Blooming purple weigela in the garden

Weigela is a flowering shrub that produces tubular, trumpet-shaped flowers in various colors, including pink, red, and white. It is known for its ability to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Imagine having these lovely visitors in your home!

10. Spirea

Pink spirea flowers blooming in the summer garden

The Spirea is a shrub that includes many different species and varieties. They are known for their cascading clusters of small flowers in shades of white, pink, or red. Often used for borders or mass plantings, they are one of the best low-maintenance flowering shrubs for full sun.

11. Viburnum

A bee pollinates flowers of viburnum tinus

The viburnum family is a diverse genus of shrubs that includes both evergreen and deciduous species. They are known for their clusters of small, fragrant flowers and attractive foliage. Some varieties also produce berries that are attractive to birds.

12. Forsythia

Yellow forsythia flowers on the bush.

A deciduous shrub known for its bright yellow flowers that bloom in early spring. It has an upright growth habit and is commonly used as a hedge or border plant. A great idea for those who want to innovate in landscaping designs.

13. Rhododendron

Beautiful rhododendron azalea flowers bush in the garden.

They are a broadleaf evergreen shrub known for its large, showy flowers in shades of white, pink, purple, or red. It is popular in gardens and landscaping for its attractive foliage and ability to thrive in shaded areas.

14. Hydrangea paniculata

Hydrangea paniculata shrub, bursting with beautiful flowers.

The species of hydrangea is known as the best low-maintenance perennial shrub. They have large, pyramid-shaped flower clusters that bloom in summer and often turn pink or red as they age.

Once you have made up your mind about which shrub will go from this list directly to your garden, you must contact one of our landscaping professionals in your area!

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