Wherever you are, your age or your life’s circumstances, there’s always times when you have to move on. That also means moving out, stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring the new. On this unknown but exciting path, we have some tips to turn any house into something comfortable and inspiring. Even if it’s a rental, a small space, a dorm room, or that first dream house, there are ways to transform it and give it more of a home feel.

A Touch of Your Heritage

Heritage is the key to ancestry
Decor that fits your past

As they say, sometimes it’s not about the destination, but about the journey. And that journey begins with your heritage, your roots. It’s good to maintain your culture alive within your house and honor the ones that came before you. Have a touch of your history in the form of interior decor like a representation of a monument from your home country, an ethnic print, or art on the wall. This keeps you grounded and true to yourself and where you came from, so you can feel even stronger moving forward.

All About the People

The people in your life determine who you are
You are a little bit of everyone you love

A house is made of cement and bricks, a home is made of people. Remember who you love and make an effort to see them as often as you can, having them over for dinners and barbecues. But even when that’s not possible and they’re far away, use pictures and memories of them in a special place in the house.. That way, you know you can think of those who are by your side no matter how far. Friends, family and pets are the ones that enrich our lives more than any object or material wealth. Keep them close by.


One of the biggest challenges relate to the fact that a lot of people live in a rental apartment or rental house, with no freedom to change walls, paint, customize the space on a deeper level. However, there are countless options to change it temporarily, with removable wall coverings, paintings, rugs, curtains, boards, adding different color spotlights to add more life on neutral walls, and add as many decor pieces and furniture as you want.

If you have the amazing opportunity to own your house, take time to think about what you really want, and also your lifestyle. This is the time to create your dream home, being free and bold to experiment different styles, materials and colors. If in need of inspiration, go through idea galleries, sites like Pinterest, Tumblr and We s2 It or go crazy on interior design magazines.

Overcome challenges and obstacles by laughing at them
No decor is scary

Make it Colorful

Even for those who enjoy minimalism, neutral walls and classic spaces, adding some color here and there can make a huge difference. Whether you go for neon and vibrant colors in big statement pieces, or just a few pops of color with candles and vases in a big beige room, the trick is working them according to your mood and the overall style of the room. That means if you’re a person that easily gets depressed, having too much blue, grey or black would bring your mood down. Or if you’re too agitated, avoid warm colors like red and yellow in the bedroom, where you need to rest. Read a color guide and come up with a strategy for using colors for your benefit.

Your Own Signature

Create your own signature style in the home
Your preferences 

First of all, one of the best things for creating something unique is to learn how to pick up on details of your personality, your interests and mind, and discovering how you can translate it into design. Did you notice that every time you feel lack of passion, you go hiking or visit a zoo and suddenly nature brings you back that fire in life? Then add something in your living room that reminds you of that, like animal prints, sculptures and plants. Do you love old movies? Perhaps a screenshot of your favorite black and white movie on the wall will make you feel inspired every time you look at it. With bits and pieces of your personality represented around the house, you’ll have an authentic place that represents you and your family entirely.

Playing With Senses

Appeal to everybody's sense of style through their senses
Sensory decoration

Exploring all sensations can add more dimension and transform any space into that full body experience. Choose what you want, waking up different senses in the visual side, sensory, olfactory and more.

Scent: Can range from being on a soft side, with the natural perfume of flowers, or stronger with scented candles, home fragrances, incenses. Vary scent by the occasion as well. If relaxation is the goal, then choose lavender or pine. For more energy, pick citrus scents, jasmine, vanilla, fresh-cut grass. Various scents can help with any mood you want to set up, like cinnamon, that can help you focus more, or pumpkin and ylang-ylang, with their aphrodisiac effect.

Light: It’s amazing what light can do. It shifts a room to a romantic mood, makes you feel more vibrant and energetic, adds style and illuminates your home. As long as you’re safe with fire and electricity, be free to manipulate lights in your favor, shaping your wanted design and desires.

Visual: If it looks too bland and borderline boring, get a statement piece of art, something colorful or quirky, and suddenly your eye goes to that stylish touch that draws your attention. Life's too short to play it safe.

Touch: This one can be curious and seductive, with that luscious velvet bench or a fluffy faux fur pillow, or any texture you like. Even a simple long feather can add texture while inviting you in for that sensory experience.

Home Wherever You Go

An idea for everyone that moves a lot or is on the verge of a major change, like going to another country. When you can’t take furniture with you or anything big, at least make something small you can carry. It can be an amulet, a framed sheet of paper with hand prints painted by your family, a small wooden sign with your favorite quote, anything that can help make it officially your home, wherever you go. It’s not all just about design and architecture, is also about how you feel, so this way, whenever you heart is, it’s home.

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