It was just a matter of time. In keeping with the wave of man cave remodels which have raced across the countryside, spreading football jerseys and neon Budweiser signs in their wake, women are now designing personal, little retreats from stress and distraction with a style all their own.

The new trend first grew to public attention when women began appearing on Pinterest, and then news programs including The Today Show, describing how their new she sheds were revitalizing their gardens, energizing their creative sides, and even saving their marriages! Since those initial introductions women around the world have been breathing new life and new purpose into their home’s old backyard shed and we’re frankly amazed at what they’ve done!

Whether you’re planning on creating a she-shed with just a quick clean and some fresh paint, you’re going all out with interior and exterior remodels to fully customize the space to your passions, or you’re simply looking for some inspiration about what could be done, we’ve assembled a quick review of the 14 most breath-taking she sheds we’ve seen anywhere!

Home (Not Far) Away From Home

Love architecture and want to explore something totally different from anything else in your neighborhood? Check out this private space inspired by cozy ranch style homes!

Sparkling Sun and Growing Greens

Take a look at this perfect, private place to put your green thumb on display without having to face down the huge task of yard maintenance or the high amounts of exposure and weather challenges which typical gardening and landscaping involve.

Quaint and Quiet

If you’re looking to escape from stress for a little while this small garden path definitely looks like it leads the way!

Winter Wonderland

Despite all the warmth spending time with the family can bring in the winter months, it’s always good to have a space you know is your own. That’s why this homeowner designed her own winter escape to take in the inspiring sights free from the ever-repeating Rudolph video.

Magical Forest Hideaway

This homeowner knows how to make the most out of what she has! Instead of being frustrated with the trees that bordered her yard and paying tons for tree removal, she embraced the look and lit up the space with the mystic allure of this she shed design!

Simple Serenity

For a quick she shed transformation take a look at this beautiful look! All it takes is some quick exterior painting and a trip to a vintage or home decor store to create an unbelievable space all your own!

Give In, Get Girly

If you’re worried about your husband and kids invading your new private space, maybe give this pretty in pink style a try! It’s a surefire way to keep your new sanctuary your own.

Pair with Patio

Another example of making the most what what you have! This simple and subtle she shed keeps it’s inviting look by opening directly onto the pre-existing patio installation.

Cool, Clean Contemporary

Just about anyone would love this simple, striking she shed as their personal reading, drawing, playing, and relaxing place. Creativity has a new home!

Blending In, Standing Out

Want to have your hidden hideaway be a bit more hidden than the others shown here? Consider a delicate shade of green like this and customize your space to whatever you like!

A New Take on Old World Style

This fantastically frilly design is directly inspired by the old comforts and relaxation of tea times, a good book, and a direct connection to nature. It also can serve as an inspiration to the budget-minded since all you need to match this look is some simple decor purchases and a new door installation!

God Save the Queen

This rural British-inspired look is an instant trip to the charming cottages across the pond. And don’t worry, the thatch roofing is just a decorative layer above the existing wood roofing.

Floral Fantasy

If your talents lie more in gardening than in remodeling, why not embrace your gift and let your garden design your personal space for you? This is the perfect design for painters as inspiration couldn’t be closer.

Princess Paradise

To really let your feminine side shine why not go all out like this homeowner? From the breathtaking garden to the delicate hue of pink with clean, white trim this style of she shed is a defining place for you to let your hair down and simply be.

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