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How Much Does it Cost to Polish Marble in Saint Louis?

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Marble Polishing can increase the value of your home by $667

Using marble in your countertops or floorings can give your home an aesthetic appeal. It can make your interior look clean and sophisticated. Marble can be used in different parts of your home. It can be placed in your bathroom, kitchen or living room. Marbles are durable stones that can last for many years. Each marble slab has its own unique design because it is naturally mined. Its color is usually determined by the location where it was extracted and are commonly enhanced by manufacturers in their factories. Marble can be used as countertops. They have high heat tolerance and can improve the features of your kitchen. They are also popularly known to be used as floorings. Marble floorings are resistant to moisture making it easy to clean. However, with long time usage, marble can acquire scratches and stains that can make it look dull and faded. If your marble flooring or countertop is suffering from these issues, you do not have to replace them right away. It can be fixed by marble polishing Saint Louis. Saint Louis marble polishing is best done by professionals to ensure that your marbles will be restored to its former beauty. Some homeowners would try to do it on their own as a DIY project only to end up damaging their marble surfaces more in the process.

Fair price breakdown

The cost of marble polishing Saint Louis greatly depends on the condition of the marble surface to be polished, the labor and the materials and equipment that will be used. Saint Louis marble polishing may require the usage of paraffin wax, several sandpapers, cloths and pumice containing wax care solutions that can cost around $944 to $1,109 depending on the size of the marble surface. Hiring professionals to polish your marble can cost you $218 to $218 per hour. Before polishing the marble, cracks, chips and deep scratches has to be repaired first to make the surface even. The repair can cost you extra $100 to $400 depending on the extent of damages to be fixed. Special tools like grinding wheels and bars might be needed to grind uneven surfaces on the marble. Sand and pumice can be used for grinding. However, it will consume a lot of time and will add to the labor costs.

Estimated final cost for marble polishing

Item Quantity Fair Price
Polished Cost 215 Square Feet $614.32
Polished Labor 3.7 Hours $233.59
Polished Job Materials and Supplies 200 Square Feet $18.18
Polished Equipment Allowance $160.89
Totals - Cost to Polish Concrete - 215 Square Feet $1,026.97
Average Cost Per Square Foot $5.13

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Most homeowners think that it will be more cost effective to do marble polishing Saint Louis on their own. However, with the amount of work needed especially on large marble surfaces and searching for the right marble polishing solutions, it could become a troublesome task. Not only that, without proper background, DIY marble polishing Saint Louis can lead to more damages. For instance, applying the wrong polishing solution that contains any acidic substance can make the acid penetrate through the stone and affect its design or cause discoloration. If you want to save money from costly repairs and possible replacement, make sure that you hire professionals to do Saint Louis marble polishing.

St Louis City County Marble Polishing FAQ

Yes. Sanding and grinding may produce dust. However, most marble polishing companies offer a wet process of cleaning and polishing marble surfaces to ensure that production of dust will be lessened or eliminated.

Marble polishing will depend on how used your marble surface is. If it serves as your countertop, you need to observe if it there are scratch buildup on the surface. If it is used as your flooring, you need to take into consideration the foot traffic on the surface of the marble.

Most marble polishing companies will recommend that you leave your marble to rest for 24 hours after polishing.

Last Updated: Oct 15, 2019

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