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How Much Does it Cost to Service a Solar Panel in Saint Louis?

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What type of solar energy project is this?

The invention of solar panels has been a ground-breaking feat for mankind’s search to an alternative solution to the dwindling source of non-renewable energy here on earth. Solar panels in Saint Louis have enabled people to harness the light and heat coming from the sun and turn it into a renewable and sustainable source of energy that can be utilized in homes and many establishments. Solar panels may look rugged and unappealing, but the production of these devices requires a very complex and technical process. Solar panels in Saint Louis are a sequence of interrelated silicon cells that are joined together to form a circuit. A numerous amount of these cells can produce enough electricity to yield solar power in Saint Louis that can greatly help in reducing the electricity consumption of a household. Through time, solar panels have been continuously developed to lessen their production cost and make them more affordable and accessible to many people.

Fair price breakdown

Normal residential solar systems are typically sized from 3 to 8kW and may end up costing a homeowner between $1,065 and $33,899. A breakdown of the total cost of installing a solar panel will include a system the normally amounts to $9000, solar panels that cost around $4500 to $6500, balance of system amounting to $2500, installation cost that typically amounts to $7500, the labor cost that is roughly $3000, permits to be secured and inspections fees that may cost $4500 and an operational cost of $3000. Overall, the total cost of a 3 kW solar system can reach $19500. These solar panels can supply 70% of the household’s electricity consumption.

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3kW solar power in Saint Louis installed in a home’s roof can generate 5600 kWh of electricity per year. A solar panel is typically guaranteed to last for more than 25 years. That would mean almost $22000 in savings. Solar panels nowadays are made accessible to the public through leasing and purchase. They’re indeed a great alternative for people who want to help the environment while saving money in the process.

St Louis City County Solar Panels FAQ

According to a recent study by the (NREL) National Renewable Energy Laboratory, solar homes have an appreciated value of 17% to 20%, and can be sold 25% faster on average as compared to non-solar homes. A recent study in California estimated that installing solar panels can even increase significantly the resale value of a home by more than $5,000 per kilowatt added. The average residential solar power system size is considered to be 3.1KW. The return would vary depending on the state.

Your actual savings will be determined greatly by your energy usage and the size of the solar energy system you have installed in your home. Systems immediately start paying for themselves without little or no startup costs and it will increase continuously each year as electricity increases. Roughly around 15% to 20% is the estimated return of investment.

A solar energy system is composed of solar panels, racks used to install the panels on roof, various electrical wirings, and an inverter. All day long, from sunrise to sunset, solar panels continuously generate electricity that is sent to the inverter. The inverter in turn converts the electricity into alternating current that is the kind of electricity required in every household. The AC power is directly delivered to the house's main electrical service panel to be utilized by the whole household.

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2021

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