Just as every home has paint on the walls and lights on the ceiling, tiles come in many varieties and configurations to charm homeowners with their surprises.

And it’s funny, because when we say “tiles,” most people think about white squares that are easy to clean. We can be more creative than that! Tiles are used on walls, as backsplashes, as flooring, in bathrooms, showers… and they don’t come only in squares! There are dozens of different varieties, colors, and materials you can experiment with, and they’re all far from boring.

This time we’re not talking about boring white squares - these are only some of the many creative and different ways you can use tiles in your home:

1. Hexagons

Hexagons used only on edges and corners.
Hexagons used only on edges and corners. Source: The Design Shepard

Hexagons can be laid across an entire room and look great - different, yet subtle. However, this particular trend shown in the image has been getting some steam over the past few years: using hexagons only in corners and edges.

It’s a very modern look, one that catches the eye without compromising the overall design, since you can create different combinations with whatever flooring material you have!

2. Fish Scale

Fish scales are great for bathrooms.
Fish scales are great for bathrooms. Source: Construction 2 Style

It’s very common to see fish scale tiles on bathrooms, because it has a certain “sea-like” quality to it.

But nothing prevents you from using them elsewhere - they add color and style to any wall, and work well to create contrast against common tiles, as seen in the picture above. Simple white tiles in stacked brick formation against a wall of fish scale tiles make for a lovely combination!

3. Striped

Striped tiles help you create height.
Striped tiles help you create height. Source: Laurel & Wolf

Going for a long stripe pattern is a bold choice full of elegance!

Like anything with vertical lines, it will make the bathroom look taller than it actually is. A combo of gold and black is always classy, but you can try other colors to figure what kind of vibe you want - being such a bold statement, your color choice will mean a lot.

4. Portuguese

Portuguese tiles are rich and vibrant!
Portuguese tiles are rich and vibrant! Source: homeyou

Portuguese tiles are rich and vibrant - they’re most commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms to add a splash of color and detail. But they can also be used to decorate stairs, entryways, or just to add a touch of color.

Their hand-painted unique designs are capable of blowing everyone away!

5. Bordered

Bordered tiles create a nice pathway.
Bordered tiles create a nice pathway. 

Adding bordered tiles to your home effortlessly creates a defined pathway that goes along splendidly with antique furniture and decor. There are many varieties and colors to pick from, so you can make something that truly speaks to your inner interior designer!

6. Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles look like pure art.
Mosaic tiles look like pure art. Source: Home Edit

No tile layout looks more like pure art than a mosaic. Mosaics are great for backsplashes or bathroom areas for being resistant and easy to clean, but win over all the other styles on the ways you can have the artwork personalized.

Above is just one example of how different and rich mosaic tiles can look!

7. 3D Ceramic Tiles

Textured tiles work wonders with the right light.
Textured tiles work wonders with the right light. Source: Contemporist

3D tiles - or simply textured tiles - go along wonderfully with good lighting to create just the right shadows. No wonder you see it all the time when you look up “fancy interior design.”

This choice claims most of the adjectives we’ve used so far - it’s bold and subtle; stylish and soothing; modern and elegant...you name it.

8. Subway Tiles Side By Side

Subway tiles can be done in linear fashion.
Subway tiles can be done in linear fashion. Source: Home Decor Guide

Almost every time you see subway tiles, they’re in the stacked brick formation, but you can also have the linear alternative that adds a completely different and new look.

This way looks more organized, clean, and even classic. It also works wonders for bathrooms!

9. Glossy Herringbone

A bold choice - herringbone style in glossy green.
A bold choice - herringbone style in glossy green. Source: Habitually Chic

Now this is bold - we’re talking about two cool ways you can use tiles in one image: the herringbone style (this way of assembling tiles in wavy lines) and the glossy look (a variety that can be found for most tiles).

The herringbone style is common in flooring, but here it works on a wall to create a bold accent - helped, obviously, by the also bold color choice and glossy material, so much that you can even see reflections in it.

These homeowners wanted a bold and unique look and the glossy herringbone tiles delivered spectacularly!

10. Basketweave

Basketweave is great for bathroom flooring.
Basketweave is great for bathroom flooring. Source: Bathing Beauties

See those subtle textured tiles on the floor? That’s what we’re talking about.

These are known as basketweave tiles, because of the way they seem to intertwine like a handmaid basketcase. They also come in bigger sizes, but this smaller example works beautifully to add texture without calling too much attention to itself. Simple, yet different and beautiful.

Ready to see what else you can do with tiles? Call a pro today to get a free estimate!

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