Buying a new home is a great achievement, but it does require some extra attention as soon as the deal is signed. Performing a home inspection is always a good practice, as there are a few things you need to check and repair before you even move in, to make sure the house is safe and prevent future headaches. 

This way, there are a few maintenance projects highly recommended. Not only do these keep your home in good condition, but they are also a great way to save money as a homeowner in the long run. Read below some of these projects and discover their benefits! 

Check for Water Leaks and Repair Them

Leaks are a common problem that may disturb several houses constantly and can cause larger damages if not repaired immediately. Water leaks on the walls, ceiling, or basement can increase moisture inside your home and encourage the development of mold or rot. 

Thus, checking places where water leaks are most likely to be, such as under sink cabinets and toilets, is recommended so you can avoid those damages, which would cost you more in the future.

Also, it’s recommended to hire a plumber to check your pipes and make sure your water heating system is functioning properly. 

Check The HVAC System

The HVAC system is responsible for ventilating air and regulating the temperature of your house. If this system turns out to have any problem, it can cause great discomfort in the house.

Damages like a failure of the capacitor, water leaks either inside or outside the house, and a damaged compressor are just some of the problems which, in the long run, could turn into a big headache to repair, especially if the home’s HVAC maintenance is not up-to-date.

You can avoid those unfortunate problems just by checking your HVAC system. Adding it to your maintenance checklist will save you money and ensure the system is working efficiently. 

Check Safety Systems 

Basic safety systems in a house such as smoke and monoxide detectors are certainly important appliances your home needs for safety purposes. Checking these devices means checking up on your safety status inside your house.

These systems have the function of warning the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide in the room, which indicates fire. If they’re not working, the fire would certainly cause larger damages than it should do in normal situations. 

Repairs for damages caused by fire are generally expensive, especially if the damage requires you to replace any appliance or renovate a room. Therefore, besides keeping your house safe, this safety inspection is also a great home maintenance project to save money.

If your house has other safety systems, such as security cameras or alarms, it’s recommended for you to check on them too.

Inspect Your Foundation

As time goes by, the foundation of a house can develop several problems, and those problems reflect damages all around the property. Cracks in walls and floors, separation of the doors or window frames from the wall, and rotten wood are only some of the signs your foundation is damaged. And yet there are some more which are able to make your house’s condition worse.

For that reason, foundation checking is a recommended maintenance action, so you can avoid those complicated damages. Especially as a money-saving home project, because foundation repairs are usually quite expensive.

Assess Your Insulation

The insulation provides resistance to heating and cold, retains moisture, and improves proper ventilation. Accordingly, good quality insulation is important for the comfort of the house. In order to keep your home warm and welcoming, checking the insulation is recommended, so you know if it’s needed adding or replacing. Plus, adequate insulation can save you a lot of money on heating bills.

As you move into a new house, you may find some damages to repair. If ignored or not fixed properly, those problems may turn into bigger expenses in the long run.

Contact a local home inspection company to check on your home’s integrity and hidden dangers before you move in! 


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