Summer is the best season to take a look around the house and repair what is needed. Not only do homeowners usually have more free time on their hands, but this is also the time when home maintenance services are cheaper and easier to schedule. 

The warmer weather also makes it easier to perform several tasks, especially exterior home care. Keep reading to find out what these are, and what other things you should cross out from your summer home maintenance checklist! 

Clean Your Home’s Exterior

Keeping your house exterior clean and presentable can be done any time of the year, but power washing is something that is better done during clear weather. 

You can start power washing the sidewalks and the driveway just to get rid of the grime accumulated over the past few months, then you may move on to the rest of the house. Washing the doors, exterior windows, and the porch floor is essential.

Additionally, even though it may not be exactly on the outside, cleaning and organizing your garage is also a great idea for the purpose of keeping everything in order. Reorganizing materials you keep in the room and checking their utility may be part of it and can help a lot in your summer house maintenance project. 

Check What Needs to be Repaired

This is the most important task on any home maintenance checklist. If you have any appliance or part of the house needing repairs, then this is your priority. Get in touch with professionals for the repairing services, or do it by yourself if you have any experience and are able to do so. 

Furthermore, don’t forget to do an inspection on your foundation, roof, and home structure. They can easily get damaged after a tough winter or an unforgiving rainy week and go unnoticed, causing even bigger problems 

Keep Mosquitoes Away

The summer may turn out to be uncomfortable for some people due to the presence of mosquitoes everywhere. That’s why keeping them away can be a big part of your home maintenance checklist to improve your quality of life. 

There are several ways of preventing mosquitoes and other pests, such as using non-favorable smells, window and door screens, and keeping the house and the yard clean. I’ve already talked before on this blog about how to prevent and get rid of mosquitoes, so check out the tips! 

Inspect and Clean Your Swimming Pool

There is no better season for enjoying your swimming pool than during summer. And that’s exactly why this season is great for you to check up on it and make sure everything is safe and working well. Remove debris, clean the pool, run the filtration system and adjust the pool chemistry.

Experts recommend cleaning the pool at least once a week, but we usually don’t do that during cold seasons. If your pool has been closed for a while, you may need to contact a pool cleaning company to open it, brush the walls and floor, shock and chlorinate the water and inspect the system. 

This way, you can keep your swimming pool in great condition for the rest of your summer.

Keep an Eye On Your Lawn

If you take care of the lawn and garden yourself, this is a good time for checking on your tools. Pieces of equipment such as the lawn mower can be inspected to make sure they’re running efficiently. You can also tune them up if needed. 

Testing the irrigation systems is also a great idea to make sure that any possible issue, such as a blockage or a leak, doesn’t become a larger problem. During summer, the hot weather takes a toll on your lawn and plants, so maintenance should be done frequently. 

Check On and Upgrade Your Safety Devices

An important summer home care tip is to make sure your house is secure. It’s essential to check all your safety devices in order to know you’re safe. Systems like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, security cameras, or any other safety device you might have should get their batteries changed and tested to keep their utility and functionality updated.

Furthermore, if you live in areas where the summer is really dry, for example California, natural fires caused by heat can be common, putting at risk your garden or even your house. You can help prevent it by removing weeds, fallen leaves, stacks and other things that could become fuel for the fire and keep it away from your house surroundings.  

Improve Your Home

Repairs and maintenance are not the only actions needed during a summer checklist. You can take this chance to improve an area around the house or something specific that you’ve been wanting for a while. 

A great summer home improvement idea you may be interested in is adding shade to the outdoor spaces of the house. During the next few months, the sun will feel hotter and hotter, and protecting you and your family from the sunlight can be beneficial. You can do that by using portable sun umbrellas or installing shade sails, both are great for creating protection against sunlight. 

Many other improvement additions could be great in summer. New things like planting flowers in the garden, building an outdoor deck, or repainting the exterior walls of the house can boost your house's appearance greatly.

Contact a local home improvement service to inspect your home and make sure your house is ready for the season!


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