Fall is a special season for many homeowners. It’s not just about pumpkin spice and leaves in piles, there’s a certain charm unique to fall. You can always use natural fall decor inside your home for a more seasonal look. Here are some DIY projects involving natural fall decor. Here’s an article about decorating for fall on a budget.

”Now Autumn's fire burns slowly along the woods and day by day the dead leaves fall and melt.” - William Allingham

Leaf Art

Contemporary art made from leaves
Art can be anything, even when using nature. Source: Get your hands on

Who can complain about a little leaf art in the home? Make a modern masterpiece using leaves you found in your backyard. Autumn decorating ideas like this one can certainly improve the interior of your household.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Paint the underside of a leaf white
  2. Press the leaf onto black paper
  3. Fill in the negative space with red, orange, yellow, and green paint

Super easy, right?

Pumpkin Decor

What a goofy, silly pumpkin
You can make your own happy pumpkin face. Source: Martha Stewart

What’s more fun than zany pumpkin decor? Use different sweet treats like marshmallows and black licorice to create a quirky, carve-free pumpkin! The best thing about this project is it’s totally kid-friendly! Get the tutorial here.

Twigs in a Vase

Just some twigs in a vase can be classy
Simple DIY can come out surprisingly well. Source: Poppytalk

A simple yet elegant idea, why not use branches from your backyard and place them in a vase? It’s cheap, you probably already have a vase, and twigs are completely free. Just be sure to check them for bugs first. This idea is all about decorating for fall on a budget. So use this in your hallway, as a centerpiece, or on the mantel!

You can take this simple decor one step further and add some gold and copper foil to the branches! Get the tutorial here.

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Chalkboard Tray Welcome Sign

More DIY arts and crafts for fall
Sometimes all you need is a chalkboard on the front door. Source: Country Living

For a super simple way to welcome guests to your home, try this chalkboard tray welcome sign! All you need is a tray, some chalkboard paint, and chalk to write your personalized welcome message. Then simply add some autumn leaves and voila! Find out how to make it here.

Citrus Wreath

Mmmmm lemony fresh
A wreath of lemons represents a giving and hospitable home. Source: Shopaflux

Now some may say that the combination of citrus and wreaths is a little out of the ordinary when it comes to fall decor. But this article says there’s no wrong way to decorate with fruit this fall. The fall decorating ideas 2018 has to offer certainly don’t leave out lemony fresh decor. Find out how to make your own lemon wreath here.

Fall Leaf Candles

Candles never go out of style least of all in fall
DIY candles make for perfect fall decor. Source: Sugarbee

Leaf jars! This is a colorful twist on the popular Mod Podge leaf jar. If you love fall but also love decorating your home in bright pastels, then this DIY project is for you! Candles in jars make great fall decorating ideas for front porches. Try your hand at one today.

Floating Fall Decor

There's something so serene about floating candles
Look at how pretty floating lights can be. Source: The Family CEO

Perhaps the most peaceful element on this article, floating candle decor is just what your autumn night needed. Gracefully rocking back and forth in tiny waves, floating decor is one serious class act. Make the best of natural fall decor with this project.

Need some interior decor advice? Or maybe some home design tips? Get in touch with a professional for more info!

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