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How Much Does it Cost to Service an Awning in Greenville?

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What type of project is this?

Awnings can increase the value of your home by $251

Awnings, also commonly known as overhangs, are a secondary covering structure usually attached to the exterior wall of a house or commercial establishment. Awnings date back to ancient Egypt and Syria times. Awnings during that time were first used as shades for stalls and homes. Nowadays, modern awnings can be seen adorning the windows and doors of most homes. They are usually retractable which is a very practical option. Their primary purpose is to prevent too much sunlight from entering the inside of the house. Awnings help air conditioners function efficiently and save energy. Awnings in Greenville can be used instead of extending the roof of a house, allowing homeowners to save money. Greenville awnings can also be used to provide protection from all kinds of weather since it’s durable and is built to be water repellent.

Fair price breakdown

A normal awning in Greenville for a window can cost a homeowner $279 to $389 depending on the size and design. This amount includes the retracting mechanism, frame, hardware used for assembly, and the installation of the brackets. On the other hand, a non-retractable awning can cost around $500 to $800 depending on the material and metal that will be used. The motorized retractable awning found mostly in patios can be estimated to cost $2500 up to $3500.

Estimated final cost for awnings

Item Quantity Fair Price
Fabric Awning Cost 1 Awning $178.02
Fabric Awning Labor 2 Hours $76.71
Fabric Awning Job Materials and Supplies 1 Awning $17.50
Fabric Awning Equipment Allowance $62.09
Totals - Cost to Install Fabric Awnings - 1 Awning $334.33
Average Cost Per Awning $334.33

Find the Best Costs on Awnings - Greenville, 27834

As part of the contract, some Greenville awning installation services will provide the customer a quotation. Some homeowners who want to save money can hire carpenters instead of awning installers. A carpenter normally charges $60 to $70 per hour. For motorized retractable awnings, homeowners hire electricians that also charges $60 to $70 per hour.

Pitt County Awnings FAQ

Generally, a routine maintenance every once in a year is a good way of keeping awnings clean. Additional care should be rendered if stains and soil age appears on the surface of the awning. Awnings are exterior products and should be washed and cleaned regularly.

Awnings are built to be water-repellent, not waterproof. They provide shade during hot summer days and protection from light rains.

Technically speaking, retractable awnings, or any awning for that matter have been created to be used as a sun protection and should not be left outside during stormy or windy weather conditions. However, wind is unpredictable and may change direction, speed, and strength any time. During a wind-tunnel test conducted under a very controlled environment, a retractable awning was able to withstand wind forces of up to 50 MPH. The main problem with awnings being exposed to high wind is not the downward force but the possibility of the awning to be lifted by the wind.

If there's anyone you know that has a connection to any awning installation contractor, ask them. Or at least try to contact 3 or 4 awning contractors within your area and ask for a quotation. You may also consider checking on some of their past projects. Most importantly, if a company has a showroom, exert some effort and visit them. Always remember that you are investing on this product so you need to ensure that you will only get the best bang for your buck. Maximize all your resources and explore all the possible options that you have.

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2020

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