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How Much Does it Cost to Pick Up a Mattress in Voorhees?

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What type of junk removal project is this?

Disposing your mattress is not as easy as throwing away a garbage bag. Depending on your specific location, garbage collectors may not be able to collect it. This is also because some landfills don’t accept mattresses because it takes up too much space. Your best solution is to hire a mattress pickup service. Mattress pick up in Voorhees helps you to comply with Voorhees's rules and regulations. Generally, you are not allowed to simply leave your mattress out in the open. If you attempt to do such thing, you will most likely be warned and then fined if you don't do anything about it. Another reason why a professional Voorhees mattress pick up is a good idea is because of its convenience. A mattress pickup service already has the manpower, so you can sit back and relax. A mattress pickup is also the greener solution. After the pickup, they process the mattress and strip out all the materials that can be recycled. The last remaining bits are then delivered to the proper waste disposal facilities.

Fair price breakdown

The size of the mattress will have the biggest impact on the price. The servicing company will visit your place and haul the mattress into their truck. The size it occupies in the truck is directly connected to the price. The type of mattress will also affect the price of the service. Mattresses come in different materials such as metals, specialized foam, and everything in between. Generally, the more complex the mattress is, the pricier the service will be. This is because complicated mattresses need a lot more processing work. Remember, a reliable Voorhees mattress pickup company is not just about picking up your mattress and dumping it to the nearest garbage disposal site. They process the mattress so it can be recycled.

Estimated final cost for mattress pick-up

Item Quantity Fair Price
Debris Labor 1.4 Hours $19.19
Debris Debris Disposal Costs $33.64
Totals - Cost to Remove Construction Debris - 2 Cubic Yard $52.84
Average Cost Per Cubic Yard $52.84

Find the Best Costs on Mattress Pick-Up - Voorhees, 08043

In most cases, the servicing company will have an area of operation. If you have the same zip code as to where the company is based, no fuel surcharge is needed. However, if your place is located outside the area of operation, you may have to pay for a surcharge. Usually, you are charged a fixed fee per extra mile or kilometers. Also, any toll fees along the way will be added to the final bill. Mattress pickup companies in Voorhees usually give bulk discounts. If you have more than 2 or 3 mattress that needs picking up, they will give you a certain percentage discount. If it's 4 or 5, then a higher discount will be given.

Camden County Mattress Pick-Up FAQ

No, especially if you pay in advance. You can simply leave your mattress outside (this shouldn't be a cause of worry if it's only a couple of hours). You can also leave them on top of the doormat or right in front of your door.

No. A mattress pickup service will haul your mattress no matter the condition. When it comes to stains, as long as it's not a large volume of blood due to death or crime scene, it shouldn't be a problem.

Your mattress will be disassembled and the parts will be sorted out. Any components that can be recycled are handed down to local vendors for recycling. A mattress pickup service does not resell your old mattress, or sell them to companies that make mattresses.

Yes. Even if it's just one, they will haul and dispose it for you. However, a mattress pickup service will give you volume discount if you have a lot that needs to be removed.

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2019

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