Designing a nursery is one of the most exciting and calming activities you’ll go through while pregnant, and it’s not uncommon for expectant moms to spend their days looking for inspiration for the best baby room ideas. 

One thing can be a bump in this search, though: how to create a space that will grow with them, without requiring a room remodeling every couple of years? 

To help you in this wonderful journey, here are some great nursery room ideas that your little ones will continue to use and love throughout the years! 

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. – Confucius

Timeless Furniture

First up, we have a gender-neutral nursery design that’s perfect for a mom-to-be who doesn’t know what the sex of her baby is yet, or simply likes to keep it more neutral.

To create this calming look, focus on:

  • neutral walls, such as grey and beige or pastel colors
  • timelessly designed accent pieces

This combination is what will make your design scheme perfect for your child years down the line. To make the room more playful, focus on bringing colorful bedding and artwork that you can easily switch for more age-appropriate options later on. 

Built-In Bookshelves

Built-in bookshelves are definitely something your child will always use. Source: Decoist
Built-in bookshelves are definitely something your child will always use. Source: Decoist

Bookshelves are definitely something your child will always use while growing up, whether to place toys, books or textbooks later in life. 

In the bedroom pictured above, the built-in bookcases are cleverly placed around the crib in such a way that when it’s time to switch it for a bed, there is already the perfect place to set it up. 

Subtle Wallpaper

We know that you want to paint your baby’s room a super bright color or introduce a vibrant wallpaper with all the colors of the rainbow. 

But, you will regret this a few years down the line as it’s not a sustainable style choice. For the best results, it’s better to choose gender-neutral colors and patterns that make it easier to transition to a more mature theme later on. 

This fun wallpaper, for example, is still quite childish and playful but not too much that could become obsolete soon. 

Versatile Art

Keep it simple. Source: HGTV
Keep it simple. Source: HGTV

While baby zoo animal decor is cute, it’s not the most sustainable choice for your child’s nursery, especially if you plan on ensuring that they keep using the room for years without remodeling. 

Try to utilize a more neutral color scheme that’s not too different from your home’s overall interior design theme. 

Things like elegant prints and abstract art can go a long way to creating a really versatile space, and they’re one of the best baby bedroom ideas.

Gender-Neutral Hues

This guide on baby nursery ideas wouldn’t be complete without providing you with some gender-neutral options. 

Instead of decking your baby’s room in blue or pink, opt for neutral hues like beige, light grey, or even unique brown and black accents. 

A wallpaper in these neutral colors will make it that much easier for you to transition the room through the years. 

To make the room more playful, add colors and fun patterns in decor objects, pillows, artwork, etc. 

Hardwood Floors

You can never go wrong with hardwood floors in any room of your house, even the nursery. You can easily cover them with a plush and fluffy rug for your little one to play in when they’re smaller and remove it when they get older to enjoy the sturdy and low-maintenance benefits of hardwood floors

Muted Mural Art

A well-designed mural is always welcome. Source: HGTV
A well-designed mural is always welcome. Source: HGTV

Add some effortless art on your child’s nursery wall with simple yet elegant murals. The exact design of the mural will depend on your preferences but you can never go wrong with nature-themes in muted and neutral colors. 

If you go for an abstract wall or something like the mountains in the picture above, you can even try DIY as a fun afternoon project, since it’s quite easy to do.

Sleek Window Treatments

The timeless option won’t require an update for quite some time. Source: HGTV
The timeless option won’t require an update for quite some time. Source: HGTV

Nothing looks better than these ribbon-trimmed shades which make for an adorable window treatment. 

It’s a timeless look that will grow with your baby throughout the years while serving as the backdrop to all the memories that are created in the room. 

Fun Floor Lamps

There are many different and stylish options to choose from. Source: HGTV
There are many different stylish options to choose from. Source: HGTV

A floor lamp is a great way to illuminate your child’s nursery without switching on the main light fixture. 

It can really come in handy when you need to feed your baby in the early mornings or late at night and it adds a funky look to the nursery as well. 

Mix of Styles

You don’t have to follow a certain style choice to keep the room timeless. You can mix and match different elements, such as this sophisticated and classical lounge chair combined with the rustic rug and wooden furniture. 

Bonus Idea: Natural Elements

Doesn’t this look super chic? Source: Yandex
Doesn’t this look super chic? Source: Yandex

Another way to improve baby room design is to dress it up with elegant and sophisticated natural elements, such as beautiful artwork or wallpaper. 

Make sure it’s well-made from materials that are made to last, and it must have a neutral finish that’ll stay relevant for many years to come. 

I hope you enjoyed these nursery room ideas and have gotten some inspiration to help you get started on the design of your little one’s nursery. 

As you can see, it’s not that difficult to create a timeless and beautiful nursery that you and your child will enjoy throughout their childhood. 

Need help with your nursery room design? Get free quotes from a professional designer in your area today!


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