For many homeowners, Fall is one of the best seasons to enjoy the outdoors. Chill but not too cold, the perfect weather to sit around a fire pit and chat in the backyard.

Sounds like a plan, right? But we may need to prepare first, so sit tight and let’s take a look at the best outdoor projects that you should consider trying this Fall!

Fire pit

A backyard fire pit is a lot easier to put together than people think. The materials are affordable and accessible, and the building is easy enough for a DIY project.

It’s a wonderful little addition that enables you to sit around the fire with family and friends while roasting some smores. And you can get it done with some pavel bricks, firewood, and lava rocks – it’s that easy.

Learn more tips to build your own backyard fire pit!


Source: Sunset
Source: Sunset

It goes without saying that you can do a lot with lights for Halloween decorations, which is what everyone is doing at the start of October. But even outside of Halloween decor, you can give your curb appeal a boost with some new lighting – since everyone will be looking at it anyway.

String lights are an easy one, but you can also get some lanterns for your porch to get a rustic feel that isn’t necessarily tied to Halloween, or even a few lamp posts for your front yard and driveway area.

Firewood storage

Source: HGTV
Source: HGTV

Firewood comes in handy during Fall and it’s usually better to store it outside, but still close to your home where it’s convenient.

These are the most common firewood storage options:

Shed. You can build a small shed specifically for storing firewood – though keep in mind that it’s recommended to keep firewood exposed to natural air, not locked indoors.

Firewood rack. The most common way to store firewood, as racks can be built or purchased very easily in many sizes and styles.

Basket. A wicker basket can be used to store firewood discreetly while still allowing them to breathe.

By the entrance. Keeping a small rack by the entrance or simply stacking them neatly in a corner is perfect for convenience.

Outdoor space

Source: Love Grows Wild
Source: Love Grows Wild

You don’t need much to create a comfy outdoor space. A few pieces of furniture and decor will get you most of the way there!

But of course, you can take it to the next level and invest in a pergola or deck, giving you a permanent outdoor space that you can use for celebrations and hangouts beyond this season. A shed can also be useful for storing gardening tools since Fall is a great season for planting.

Porch update

Source: BHG
Source: BHG

The porch is a highlight during the Fall season since it’s the spot most people focus on decorating with pumpkins, lanterns, and of course, Halloween decorations.

You can do the same, but don’t forget that the porch is also a stellar hangout spot as long as you have decent lighting and comfortable furniture. And since it will be such a focal point, you might as well give it a paint job or at least a pressure wash.

You can start your outdoor projects with a landscaping service and make further changes from there. Get free quotes for a landscaping service and start planning today!


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