A cozy backyard space is highly desirable, as it creates a lovely spot for lazy sunday barbecues, family gatherings, or just a place to read a good book and relax. But how to turn your backyard into this perfect hangout spot?

Today we’ll be looking into some low-budget tips to turn a backyard spot into your new favorite hangout area – better yet, we can expand it just enough for guests and family to take advantage of it as well. Take these cozy backyard ideas into consideration while making your research and then put them together for a chill yet rewarding project!

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Choose the right furniture

Maybe you’re willing to put the furniture out and back inside a garage or shed whenever you’re not using them, but most homeowners want to just leave it outdoors, ready for whenever they feel like using it. 

This is more convenient for many reasons, because not only will you be more encouraged to take advantage of your new space whenever you feel like it, but also, most people are not too keen on having to set up the entire furniture set every single time they want to hangout outdoors.

Usually a set of solid wood furniture gets the job done. It’s accessible, fairly easy to maintain, and endures weather conditions quite well for the most part. Just to be sure to reseal it regularly for that extra layer of protection!

Upholstery and other types of furniture with cloth are not recommended – at least not without proper supervision. You should keep an eye out for rain and wind, since rain can damage the furniture and wind can easily blow light cloth and cushions away!

Have good lighting

There’s no reason why your hangout spot should only be useful during the day. It can also become the perfect nighttime dinner area or a place to chit-chat enjoying some fresh air. Depending on the spot itself, there are many ways to bring some light into it without having to mess with electrical wiring.

The most obvious is to use an extension cord from the closest outlet to plug some string lights. As long as you remember to store the extension cord after using, it shouldn’t be a problem.

But you can also use portable battery-powered energy sources, or even a small generator if you’re willing to make the investment!

Potted plants

Potted plants are great additions to make your backyard feel more alive and close to nature. Spots created on top of decks tend to look very industrial when not decorated, but an assortment of potted plants can quickly solve that.

Better yet, your plants can easily be stored away in the event of hazardous weather conditions, keeping them safe to see another day!

Outdoor fire pit

Creating your very own outdoor fire pit is easier than it looks. The material requirements aren’t too steep, but you can also straight up purchase a pre-made fire pit to make it even simpler. With that, you will have a perfect place for toasting s’mores and enjoying a cool night with the family.

Here are some fire pits ideas that you can purchase or make yourself!


At the very least, get yourself a patio umbrella to get some decent shade at any time of day. But if you want something a bit more ambitious, a pergola is also perfectly viable – a much sturdier structure that doesn’t require tons of materials and makes for a perfect patio hangout spot.

There are ways you can DIY a pergola for your home, but if you want to keep it simple, a patio umbrella will do!

Cooking spot

Just recently we spoke about how to design an outdoor kitchen – which is also a great outdoor spot – but since we’re keeping it simpler this time, is there a way to cook without an outdoor kitchen installed?


A grill station is perfect for a more relaxed and less permanent outdoors cooking solution. You can easily cook barbecue, toast bread, hamburgers, and much more, and all with a mobile cooking station that is easy to clean and set up when needed. 

Obviously an outdoor kitchen offers a lot more, but not everyone wants to go through such a huge project. For a casual outdoors hangout spot, a grill station is all you need!

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