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How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Mattress in Philadelphia?

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What type of junk removal project is this?

Sleeping can never be comfortable without a mattress. A good quality mattress is durable and will provide the support you need to keep you relaxed during your sleep. It has been reported that a mattress can improve sleep quality as well as relieve pressure on joints and the other main areas of the body. It can lessen stress and eliminate back pains. Mattresses come in many different types. There are innerspring mattress, hybrid mattress, foam mattress, latex mattress, and many more. They vary in design, sizes, and composition to suit the needs of every person. However, regardless of all the benefits a mattress can bring, it can sustain significant damage or may show signs of wear and tear after many years of usage. In such scenario, you might opt to replace it with a brand new one. But, for some reasons, like its size and composition, a mattress is not something you can easily dispose of. In situations like this, a professional mattress removal service in Philadelphia should be hired to take care of the problem. Professionals who perform mattress removal in Philadelphia will be there not just to dispose of your mattress, but they will remove it from your bed, lift it, load it into the truck, and haul it away. You do not have to do anything. You can just sit back, relax, and plan on the next mattress that you will get for yourself.

Fair price breakdown

The cost of mattress removal in Philadelphia varies depending on the type and size of the mattress, the location, the amount of labor needed to remove it, and transportation fees. Typically, a mattress that you want to dispose of can be considered as junk. Junks are bulkier and heavier wastes that will require two or more people to remove. Most Philadelphia mattress removal companies will charge based on the amount of load occupied in their truck. The average cost is between $50 to $55.

Estimated final cost for mattress removal

Item Quantity Fair Price
Debris Labor 1.4 Hours $19.88
Debris Debris Disposal Costs $33.30
Totals - Cost to Remove Construction Debris - 2 Cubic Yard $53.19
Average Cost Per Cubic Yard $53.19

Find the Best Costs on Mattress Removal - Philadelphia, 19102

The minimum 60 cubic feet truckload can cost around $100. 60 to 180 cubic feet truckload plays in between $130 and $260. Mattress removal in Philadelphia can be charged based on the size and time it takes to haul away the mattress. Additional fee to consider is the delivery charge of the mattress to recycling facilities or landfills. Labor fees are also applicable if removing the mattress will take more than 30 minutes. It may include removal from the bed frame, lifting and loading the mattress to the truck and cleaning the area.

Philadelphia County Mattress Removal FAQ

No. Most mattress removal companies will assess the condition of your mattress. If it is still in a tolerable condition and may be salvaged thru repair, they might bring it to a charity institution and donate it. If your mattress can no longer be restored, they might bring it to a recycling facility to be recycled. Most parts used in a mattress can be recycled. However, if your mattress is too damaged to be recycled or donated, it will go straight to the landfill.

It varies because the kind of the mattress can determine the amount of time and labor needed to remove the mattress. If a mattress is bigger, heavier and is still attached to the bed post, it would be costlier since it may require 2 or more people and extra time to remove. Smaller mattresses or lighter and easy to remove ones will usually cost less to be removed.

Yes. Some companies offer after-office hour, weekend and even holiday services. However, you may be charged extra for these special schedules so you might want to reconsider your scheduling options before booking a mattress removal service.

Last Updated: Jan 23, 2020

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