Patrick's Day floral arrangements

Thinking about Saint Patrick’s Day is an instant association with the color green. You go out on the streets and see hammocks and leprechauns everywhere. Well, flowers are not exclusive to Valentine's Day, right?

If you want to be extra creative this year, you can innovate with usual decorations for parties and get-togethers, but this time centered on Saint Patrick’s Day symbols. How about Irish flower arrangements and the greenest plants to spread around your place?

Continue reading to check Saint Patrick’s Day floral arrangements and other options for decorating!

Saint Patrick's floral arrangements

Saint Patrick's Day Flowers

Saint Patrick’s Day is not complete if there is not a bunch of green everywhere you look. However, using flower arrangements that mix green with other colors will not make any harm to your themed decor and will guarantee a more unique style.

Of course, mixing it up with bright colors such as red and pink do not make a lot of sense on this day, but there is no bad luck in combining charming white flowers with some green stems, for example. Even some light yellow flowers alongside other green details will keep the mood and add elegance.

Here are some types of floral arrangements that might look nice in your place:

  • white lilies with green carnations;
  • white mums with green chrysanthemums and sword fern; and
  • yellow asiatic lilies with other assorted greenery.

Saint Patrick's flowers

Other Plants for Saint Patrick’s Day

If flowers are not the type of decoration you want, needless to say there is an infinity of green plants for you to choose. From the ones that are actually Irish to versatile ones, that can take part in almost all decoration themes. See some examples.

  • The Irish Moss (different from Irish flowers) is a European plant that has low-maintenance and a nice shade of green.
  • The Lady Fern was once wild, but now can be put inside your house and be easily taken care of.
  • The False Shamrock is a thriving plant in Ireland and will give a different look to your place. See the picture below.

Saint Patrick's plants

For any decoration you need, green or not, here is the main tip: reach out for our decorators and designers to find the best aesthetic to your place! Have a nice and flowery St. Patrick’s Day!

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