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PIC Home Pros LLC

IAQ Mold Inspections & Removal -
Londonderry, NH
  • Mold Inspection and Removal in Nashua, NH
  • Mold Removal in Amherst, NH
  • Air Quality Testing in East Freetown, MA
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We analyze and rate each contractor to help our users find the perfect candidate for the job. Contractors must claim and maintain their profiles to ensure a high and trustworthy rating. In addition, we utilize the following elements to determine the homeyou rating:

- Licenses and Insurance
- Customer Reviews
- Time in business
- Profile completion

About this pro

Pic Home Pros is New Englands #1 IAQ/Mold Services Company.

Have Mold? Need it removed now? We are licensed and certified team of qualified technicians that can help restore your home to its former condition. Our goal and mission at Pic Home Pros is to provide the best quality service, fast and professional.

We are here to solve your mold problem
We offer 24-hour emergency service, as well as Free Estimates. Our certified, professional services are available throughout New England.

  • Time in business: 10 years
  • 73 Rockingham Rd, Londonderry, NH 03053

Detailed Information

Year Established 2010
Business Categories HVAC, Mold in Londonderry, NH

Services Offered

  • HVAC
    • Air Quality Testing
  • Mold
    • Mold Removal
    • Mold Inspection and Removal

License Information

  • Licensed inMA
  • Number179667
  • License typeHIC

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Coverage Area

Best Questions to Ask a HVAC Technician Contractor

How many contractors do you have working for you? How many vehicles are in your fleet?

This is important mostly for larger jobs. Clearly a two man operation is going to build a home much slower than a 15 man crew. This is also a good indication of the overall size of the HVAC company, if that's an area of concern for you. The reason you may want to ask about the fleet is that fleet size is a good indicator of the mobility of the company. Mobility may not sound important, but it's hard for the Londonderry contractors to get to job sites if they lack appropriate vehicles.

Are you insured and/or bonded for HVAC?

You'll certainly want to ask them this. Steer clear of any company that is not insured in New Hampshire, because that means that any incidental damage they may do on your property will be a real hassle to recover compensation for. It is never wise to work with uninsured tradesmen of any kind. Most states also require that someone have insurance in order to be issued a trade license. If they say they're licensed but not insured, they're being less than truthful.

Do you have any references that I can contact?

Always ask for references, and always check them. Keep in mind though that the only references you'll get are people who the contractor is certain will give him a good review. You'd also be well advised to check online review sources in Londonderry as well, which will give you a broader view of customer satisfaction for a given company.

Are you union or non-union?

This really only matters if you have a preference, but it is good to ask. If you have a strong ideological belief about unions or nonunions, it's perfectly acceptable to make a decision based on the preference.

Does the HVAC job require permits? If so, will you be pulling them yourself?

Many jobs in New Hampshire will require municipal permits in order to be approved by the town's inspector. It's always good to ask who will be responsible for pulling those permits, and if you'll be expected to do it. You'll almost never be told to pull your own, but knowing that Londonderry HVAC permits are required makes you appear to be a well informed customer.