Pressure washing is a miracle project when it comes to fast and easy home improvement. Yet time and time again homeowners underestimate just how beneficial a good pressure wash service can be for your home and I'm here to tell you why.

Basically, when it comes to exterior house cleaning, pressure washing is one of the most efficient ways to do it. It's fairly inexpensive, fast, and easy to the point where you can do it yourself with the right tools, but the benefits don't stop there.

Let's break it down so that you see how great this service truly is, as well as more info on the tools you might use, and the cost to pressure wash your home if you call a professional.

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Quick and easy curb appeal boost

Usually when we talk about boosting curb appeal, you land on things like repainting, siding upgrade, roof repairs, landscape maintenance, etc.

And these are indeed excellent ways to boost your curb appeal, no doubt. But you can essentially take a shortcut if you start with power washing.

Power washing instantly improves your home’s look, making even worn out roofing and siding look brand new. Same goes for driveways and exterior painting by starting with power washing and looking at the before and after, the difference is staggering. 

If further changes are necessary to boost your curb appeal, then you can certainly plan around them, but you'll often realize you don't need as many repairs as you thought if you go for a power wash first.

Instant clean look

Maybe you're not interested in boosting curb appeal specifically to sell your home, but a nice and clean look is always highly desirable. This is particularly noticeable when you power wash your home’s siding.

The great thing is that the results are apparent immediately. No need to wait a few days, no need to plan a whole project, it's a fairly quick service and you can see the difference as the job is being done. The before and after power washing results are staggering.

Trust me, nothing brings more satisfaction than to compare a dirty and stingy siding or driveway to the clean part that's looking better and better by the second.

Get rid of dirt buildup

Power washing is recommended at least once a year to keep your home clean, as it can very effectively get rid of grime and grease buildup, as well as mildew, mold and debris from all sorts.

This is excellent because it ensures a healthier home overall, as well as preventing a huge number of problems. Mold growth is the most notable, as it can damage most structures where it's allowed to thrive.

You will also prevent paint chipping, overall scratches, cracked concrete... The list of benefits goes on. And power washing is recommended only once or twice a year at the most, meaning you get a lot of value even from a single service.

Primes surfaces for other projects

Because of its deep cleaning properties, power washing is also recommended when you need to prime surfaces and structures for certain projects.

One of the most common projects that requires this is staining and sealing wooden decks. A good power wash is perfect for a deep clean before you can move on to staining and sealing, which requires a perfectly clean surface. It can be done without power washing, but it will likely take longer, require more effort and spend more water as well.

Saves time and water

Because the water is applied with so much force, power washing is far more efficient for saving water up to 75% more when compared to using a regular garden hose.

And because you won't spend any time scrubbing and dealing with awkward corners, it also saves a bunch of time when compared to all other cleaning methods. This makes power washing your home one of the most environmentally-friendly cleaning options on the market.

Ready to pressure clean your home? Get free quotes from pros in your area and find out the cost to power wash house siding, roofing, and more!


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