Habits That Will Strengthen Your Contractor Business

The contractor routine is quite busy, but you can make it less so by developing habits that will improve your productivity and make your life easier in the future.

Work becomes considerably easier when you develop good habits. In the contractor business, habits make a huge difference because of how fast everything moves and how easy it is to lose sight of your goals.

There are many healthy habits that also apply here, but today I’ll be walking you through the ones directly linked to your work routine. These ensure you always keep things moving in your social media profiles, have a grasp on your finances, and more.

Post your latest project

It should become a habit to always post your latest project on social media, especially if it’s one you’re particularly proud of.

You don’t have to post all of them, mind you, but at least once a week it’s worth posting the highlight of your work as a way to update your profiles and show what you’re working on. For that, you may need to learn how to take better pictures of your projects.

Fortunately, it’s not too difficult and you can take great pictures with a phone as long as you know the basics.

Generate reports

Reports are essential for identifying areas where you need to improve in one way or another. These could be financial reports, but also your social media and sales reports. Slowly you will start to notice patterns, which makes it a lot easier to plan and act on.

For example, it’s notorious that posting on social media during certain hours or on certain days brings more results, but this can vary a lot. With reports, you can identify the best time to post that will bring the best results.

Likewise, some parts of the year are slower for some contractors depending on their field. All of these are useful information for planning ahead (which is a topic we’ll get to).

Ask for referrals

Asking for referrals is a great way to passively get more sales. Not all of them will yield results, but considering how easy it is to simply ask for them once you get a grasp on how to do it, it’s worth the effort.

Learn how to get more referrals for your contractor business!

Plan ahead

It’s really rough to start every month with no plan whatsoever. It should become a habit to take at least one day to gather your results from reports and plan ahead for the upcoming months.

This will usually involve adapting your plans to changes and unexpected developments, but that’s a million times better than simply winging it. Plans are not meant to be fail-proof, they’re meant to set you on a path – but the optimal path can change along the way.

Clean up your e-mail

This might seem like a minor thing but considering how emails are still used frequently in this business, you’d be doing yourself a favor.

It’s common for us to subscribe to many newsletters or websites in search of resources, but very quickly your inbox becomes a crowded mess of stuff you no longer need or have any interest in.

Take some time every now and then to unsubscribe from any newsletter you don’t read and tag as spam anything that can be considered as such. Trust me, your productivity will improve a lot by being able to open your inbox and immediately only see what’s necessary, instead of having to parse through dozens of useless spam every single day.

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