Your home’s roof is more often than not something homeowners feel stuck with simply because it’s the style, material, and color that was already installed at the time of roofing installation. However, as many homeowners learn each winter, there are drawbacks to different types of roof styles and so if you’re presented with the opportunity to have a new roofing installation service completed either to update the look of your home or to improve it’s energy efficiency and safety, it’s important to have a good understanding of the differences between different roofing styles so as to find the particular one which best suits your home’s needs.

Bonnet Roof Installations/Kicked-Eaves Roof Installations

Roofing exterior styles
Asphalt and shingles

Bonnet roofs are identifiable mostly because of their two different slopes, the lower of which extends beyond your home’s structure creating a perfect place for a patio or deck installation to be performed. Because of this complex structure homeowners with bonnet roofs have a number of design options available to them from an expansive attic space to ample window installation points to just about any roofing construction materials excellently suiting this style all while enjoying a level of durability which is higher than many other options. That said, the complicated nature of the roof design often results in increased roofing installation costs and the joint between the two different slopes often needs extra waterproofing services in order to prevent the natural reservoir of water and snow which collects there from causing a leak.

Gable Roof Installations/Pitched Roof Installations

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The iconic pitches and peaks of gable roofs are seen everywhere in the United States both for their beautiful appearance and the many benefits they lend to homeowners. Because of the steep pitches of this roof design homeowners can make more use of their loft and attic space and don’t have to worry about accumulating water, ice, or snow, and due to the relative simplicity of the roofing installation, costs to have professional roofing contractors complete your gable roof installation will be quite reasonable. However, the steep pitch of these roofs can lead to dangerous situations for homeowners in areas with exceptionally windy parts of the country. As a result, many homeowners with gable roofs need to invest more into professional roofing inspections and support structures.

Flat Roof Installations

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Many homeowners have heard of the problems and dangers that a flat roof can present to a home but with proper roofing services and maintenance, a flat roof can be a beautiful and highly functional part of your home. In fact, of all roof styles flat roofs offer the best base for solar energy systems and all the benefits that come with them. Additionally, when it comes to initial roofing installation costs a flat roof will almost definitely be the most affordable option possible. That said, this cost is often augmented by the high amount of maintenance and roofing repairs which are common with flat roofs. What’s more, because of the very minimal drainage available with flat roofs, the appearance of your home’s roof will be much less customizable since only highly waterproof materials like PVC and tar and gravel can be used effectively.

These are just a few of the many different roofing styles across the country today but as you can already tell there’s a lot to discuss with your roofing contractors prior to actually having your roofing installation service begun. For a more complete evaluation of different roofing styles and the benefits and drawbacks of each be sure to explore this excellent guide.

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