Kitchen islands are definitely a beautiful addition to your kitchen, and there are several styles that will bring uniqueness to your home decor. Like:

  • The u-shaped island
  • The L-shaped island
  • The one-wall island
  • The galley island

However, are they really worth it? There’s only one way to find out: by doing a pros and cons list! Don’t you just love them? Check out our list to make a well-informed decision.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. - Tony Robbins


Extra Work Surface

Add more space to cook every meal.
Add more space to cook every meal! Source: Pixabay

Everyone that has already lived in a small space (or still does nowadays) dreams of having more counter space to cook peacefully without ending up with half the utensils down on the floor. For this purpose, a kitchen island can come in handy. It’ll give you more space to work on according to your needs, whether that’s a place to put hot plates or a place to do some food prep.

Besides, it even gives you the advantage of interacting with your family or your guests while you’re at “work cooking up a meal!.

More Storage

Customize the kitchen island for a better kitchen.
Customize the kitchen island for a better kitchen. Source: Pixabay

Ah, storage. Isn’t that what most homeowners dream about having? Well, the kitchen island is a great opportunity to add some kitchen storage. Depending on the style you choose and if you’ll customize the cabinets, you can even create a spot for the microwave there! Also, since the island will be the main counter of your kitchen, it’ll be a really practical place to put items you use more often.

More than that,

The kitchen island can be a place to add a second sink to your kitchen, though you will need a professional plumber to come help with all the work. Only you can decide what’s really necessary for your kitchen!

Space Definition

Make your space well-defined with a kitchen island.
Make your space well-defined with a kitchen island. Source: Unsplash

If your kitchen has enough space, I’d say you don’t need to have second thoughts in adding a kitchen island. As long as you do your research and choose the best model for your home style, of course. The idea is that it makes your life easier, not more cluttered.

So when you have the space, mainly in open floor plan homes, the kitchen island can be a good way to create a space definition. Where one place ends and another one starts.


When adding a kitchen island to your home, you can use it as a focal point in decoration. Use a different color for the cabinets or a different material for the countertop and create the most unique kitchen to wow everyone!

Extra Seating

Make a breakfast nook the family right in the middle of the kitchen,
Make a breakfast nook for the family right in the middle of the kitchen. Source: Unsplash

Not only you’ll add extra counter space and storage, this can also be an opportunity to add extra seating to your kitchen - and even create a special and cozy breakfast nook! Perfect for welcoming guests and bonding with the family.

Resale Value

Last, but definitely not least in the pros list is the resale value! They’re wildly popular and you can be sure that if you do add a kitchen island in your home, your resale value will receive a nice boost. Most homeowners buying a new home immediately fall in love with kitchens that have a kitchen island.


Budget Needs

Plan your budget carefully.
Plan your budget carefully. Source: Pixabay

As much as we like to consider resale value as a huge pro on our comparison list, you need to take into account that it comes with a cost. Adding a kitchen island to your home will require some planning since you’ll probably need some plumbing and electric tasks done.

Not to mention the materials you choose will also influence in the costs of your project. So if you do decide to add the island, make sure to have a budget all ready and planned thinking about every detail.

Not Ideal for Small Kitchens

Smaller kitchens will need smaller options
Small kitchens will need smaller options. Source: Pixabay

The same way a kitchen island can help add surface and storage, it’ll only bother you if you live in a small house. Sometimes it’s better to simply use a table instead of adding the island so you can actually enjoy the space you have.

Following the same path, if a kitchen is too small and you still add a kitchen island, you could end up with a visual weight and cluttered look (even if there’s no clutter on top of the counters!).

But remember,

Even if you have a big kitchen, you can’t be too comfortable and go with a huge kitchen island since you’ll end up without enough space to move around and have a functional space. Still, with the right planning you can work everything out!

Workflow Disruption

Make sure you can still use the whole space in your kitchen.
Make sure you can still use the whole space in your kitchen. Source: Pixabay

If you don’t plan carefully (and with professional help) the addition of a kitchen island, your workflow could be ruined. The refrigerator-sink-range triangle is functional and practical and you wouldn’t want to mess with that, so be sure to plan the space in a way you’ll still be able to prep, cook, and clean (very important part!) easily.

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