Kitchen remodeling tips

House renovations are great, but remodeling projects can turn out to be a headache during its process if not planned properly, mainly when it comes to kitchens. That is why you have to worry, first of all, about your kitchen remodeling layout.

A good quality renovation never goes without some essential kitchen design tips that any homeowner should know to improve its project. Read below to see what are some of these 10 significant kitchen remodeling tips.

1.  Plan Everything Before You Start

A kitchen improvement project is a complex process that needs caution and strategy in order to make everything succeed. To make it right, be aware of what are your limits, and if you can or not surpass them: your project budget, your kitchen measures and other details.

Furthermore, you can save yourself from several unnecessary stresses by hiring a general contractor. Do not be afraid to ask for help, knowing that a professional can simplify many things and help you create even your project plan.

2.  Put Functionality Above Decoration

Obviously, it is always good to have a kitchen with beautiful decor elements, however, your main priorities should be functionality and practicality in a kitchen project, without exceptions.

There are many ways to provide better functionality for a room during its remodeling project. For example:

  • providing more storage space;
  • incorporating the work triangle method;
  • adding lights;
  • choosing the right appliances; and
  • adding extra workspace.

Choose the changes that suit better to what you and your family need. Be attentive to your cooking style and daily routine, so you know which features your kitchen will need to have for the best of everyone.

3.  Choose Your Appliances Early

It might not seem so important after spending a lot of time choosing the flooring and wall finishes, but your next choice should be the appliances. They do have an impact on the cost of the kitchen remodel.

It is important for the appliances to be measured correctly. After all, they will be installed near the end of the project and should be ready when the kitchen cabinets are finalized.

4.  Pay Attention to Your Needs or Cooking Style

Your kitchen needs to be compatible with you. There are so many different appliances and furniture types, which you are probably attempting to choose for your kitchen, due to their beauty, moderness or feeling of something new.

However, by the end of the day, they may not provide any functionality to your kitchen if they do not match your cooking style or daily needs. If you need lots of workspace, for example, a kitchen layout without an island in its center may end up becoming a problem for you.

Therefore, as you choose your new appliances, furniture and elements, keep in mind how functional they will be in your kitchen.

5.  Do Not Try to Save What Can’t Be Reused

In a kitchen remodeling project, it is usual for homeowners to try to save old appliances and furniture they already have in order to avoid increases in the kitchen remodeling cost.

There are always appliances not worth saving and wanting to keep them in your brand new kitchen means in the future you will have to spend money on their maintenance and repairs.

It might be more economically-friendly to buy new brand appliances than fixing your old one several times.

6.  Shine the Lights

Room lighting is the most underrated when doing remodeling. If the kitchen is small, lighting is one of many things that can make a small space feel larger.

The most popular lighting types in kitchens are task and ambient lighting. Ambient lights are mostly used for the overall kitchen lighting, while task lighting is mostly found in specific areas likely to be darkened, such as under-cabinets or above kitchen islands.

7.  Install Kitchen Outlets

There are several appliances which need electricity to work, such as toasters, coffee machines and the blender, and, without outlets near, you will not be able to use them. So put them on your to-do list. Install more than you already have or replace old ones.

If you're replacing your old sockets or installing new ones, it’s recommended to hire a licensed electrician.

8.  Incorporate Technology

There are lots of modern appliances and smart technologies you could incorporate in your kitchen to make your life easier in the room such as smart dishwashers, refrigerators, etc.

Some might seem expensive, however, there are simple techs which might fit in your project budget, such as a Google Home or touch-activated faucets which can help you save on your water bill.

9.  Don’t Forget About Quality

Just as functionality and durability, quality should also be one of your priorities during the process of a kitchen renovation. Many homeowners in a remodeling project choose the cheaper materials over the more durable ones, which mostly happens to be a bad idea. The cheapest things often turn out to cost more than the average price ones.

10.  Make Your Remodelers Know What You Want

Finally, during the kitchen remodeling project, you will have to communicate clearly with the general contractor. They are the ones who will tell you what you can or cannot do in your kitchen and help you stay within budget.

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