Knitting and crocheting are fun and practical forms of art and crafts. Surely you have already tried knitting or crocheting at least once before, and maybe even followed these amazing ideas. But now the new thing is arm knitting!

Infinity scarves were a trend at the end of last year, and they’re still making a fuzz! Arm knitting is great for infinity scarves, but it’s also fantastic for blankets. Even if you’ve never made one before, you’ll be able to finish your piece of work in under an hour. Give it a try with these amazing tutorials we’ve selected for you!

Infinity Scarf

Step-by-step arm knitting scarf.
They’re beautiful and easy to make! Image source: Made Up Style

Infinity scarves are the perfect accessory if you’re getting bored of wearing the same outfit over and over again. And since they can be very expensive to buy, learning how to make your own is a great option. For starters, you’re going to need 2 skeins of chunky yarn and these are the steps you’re going to follow:

Kriten Kreates is a great YouTube channel that can help you learn how to knit this infinity scarf and you can watch each step individually by clicking them above. Once you see how to do it, you’ll be able to finish your scarf in 30 minutes (or even less!).

If you want to start with a simpler project, check out this DIY Scarf in 15 minutes or this 10 minute Cowl Crochet. And when you feel like you’ve got the hang of it, you can try different stitching points too. Make sure to check these stitching techniques.

Arm knitting and infinity scarf is a great way to relieve stress!
Arm knitting an infinity scarf is a great way to relieve stress! Image source: Simply Maggie

Types of Yarn​

Ohhio type of yarn.
Yarn for arm knitting comes in so many different colors. Image source: Ohhio

It’s normal that you find yourself a bit lost with so many types of yarn, specially when you’re a beginner and don’t even know what the different types are. So here’s a general overview to help you out:

  • Wool is the most common type on the market. It’s durable and holds the shape well. The best type for the winter garments and blankets since it’s the warmest kind.
  • Cotton is a light and breathable yarn, although it doesn’t block well, so it might be hard to work with it.
  • Acrylic is definitely the best choice for beginners and also the cheapest! It’s an easy material to work with and you can wash regularly without ruining it.
  • Polyester is a great choice for any time of the year and it’s very easy to manipulate this type of yarn. Just be careful because it can feel scratchy against the skin.
  • Silk is strong, shiny, and lustrous, which is great for summer projects, but not so great for beginners. Given its slippery characteristic, it’s not easy to work with.
  • Cashmere is ideal if you’re feeling classy. Cashmere is very soft and fluffy, and also a bit pricey, so if you don’t take good care of it, it will be ruined.

Still not sure which type of yarn to buy? Here are The Best Yarns for Arm Knitting!

Get Inspired by Colors

Use different colors to make beautiful pieces.
Use different colors to make beautiful pieces! Image source: Knit Picks

Whether you’re knitting for yourself or to give someone a handmade gift, colors matter! You can combine differents shades of the same color to make it colorful. With spring on it’s way, now is a good time to knit with green, yellow, and pink.

Beautiful and cozy yellow scarf!
Beautiful and cozy yellow scarf! Image source: Keyword Team

If you’re knitting a piece to wear on a special occasion, choose your color according to the kind of event you’re going to attend. If it’s more of an elegant event, go with black, brown, or gray, but if it’s more casual, knit something blue or even red. It will look beautiful! 

Don't be afraid to mix those colors!
Don’t be afraid to mix those colors! Image source: Car Canyon

In addition, here’s a bonus on how to knit blended colors!

Other Knitting Options

Amazing arm-knitted pillows you can make at home!
Amazing arm-knitted pillows you can make at home! Image source: Flax & Twine

Scarves aren’t the only option available, though. There are several arm and finger knitting ideas around, among them you can find:

Giant knitted bunny your kids will fall in love with.
Giant knitted bunny your kids will fall in love with! Image source: Flax & Twine

In addition to all of that, and with Easter just around the corner, a wonderful option is to make one of these Giant Knit Bunnies for your children! As you can probably figure out, this is a more difficult level of arm knitting, but don’t be afraid to take a risk and download the pattern here. Your kids will surely love this adorable bunny!

What do you think about these arm knitting choices? Which one will you try first? Make sure to leave your comment below and follow us on Facebook!

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