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Generally speaking, the majority of rental services are applicable to construction jobs. These are your power tools, handsaws, and portable toilets being used in jobsites across the country. Professional or DIY, there is a rental service for you. Many rental servicers prefer to be the same face that you see every day, so that you're speaking to a pro who knows what the job entails (2). Besides the point, there are several tools that you should probably only rent, and not buy (3). The exception being if you have a career in or close to the field of the equipment. We'll be discussing the following in this article:

  • Tools


  • Backup generators

    Backup generators

  • Porta potties

    Porta potties

  • PODS


  • Storage facilities

    Storage facilities

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Tool and Equipment Rental

Many hardware stores around your area will rent out tools for you, usually requiring a notification of 48 hours or two business days depending on the company. It can also break down by the amount of time you wish to rent the equipment for. Generally it breaks down by day with the bare minimum being 4 hours. From there, renting something over a week is usually less cost effective than buying the item outright. And most transactions require a deposit as well, that you will get back at the end of the rental time established. A very general price range for renting a single mid-range cordless power drill follows:

  • 4 hour (min): $15
  • Day: $25
  • Week: $85
  • Month: $240
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Generator Rental

Renting a generator can have a lot of very different applications. For example, a roof generator rental out in the woods or desert can be a great party setting. Conversely, if you live in an area with high winds it can be a safety measure. It's rough having torrential downpour kill the power to your home, so a backup generator can help alleviate that burden. The important part is choosing the right amount of power for your home (4). No matter what a generator can be a very useful tool in modern times. It will cost anywhere from $65 - $135 per day for rental.

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Dumpster Rental

This is namely for construction purposes when the amount of waste produced far exceeds what your local dump truck can handle. This can be for roofing, siding, and window replacement jobs that generate a lot of debris. Getting a roof dumpster rental is an effective means to dispose of all the byproduct. Dumpsters vary greatly in size, and that size translates to cost, so here is a quick breakdown of prices below:

  • Small 10 cubic yard - $250
  • Med 20 cubic yard - $419
  • Large 30 cubic yard - $662
  • X Large 40 cubic yard - $980+
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Portable Toilet Rental

For outdoor festivals, faires, or construction jobs, the most sanitary option is going to be portable toilets. These models have the most hygienic options for the masses, and aren't just convenient but also the law. So stock your outdoor date with roof portable toilet rentals. A generalized price list would be (5):

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Portable Storage

Also known as PODS, these types of containers have seen a massive rise in popularity because it can save the cost of hiring a professional moving service. Essentially the pod comes out to your home, and you can pack it at your own discrepancy. This is ideal for people who want storage for a short time or want to move after some time has passed. The pod will be stored either in a facility or another parking lot until you need it again (6). Roof portable storage is an incredibly convenient service that can replace hiring a total moving company. roof Storage units in PODS are a very convenient way to keep your stuff safe while outside your home. They can cost between $175 and $230 per month.

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Storage Containers

This cheaper yet more strainful option is what most of us think of when imagining a storage facility. Essentially an extensive garage that is full of locked room-sized bins, roof storage containers basically act as a spare storage room that's not inside your house (7). Even though it's called "self-Storage" you can always hire professional movers to store your items for a fee. Otherwise these roof storage units provide a more affordable alternative to storing your belongings.

  • 5x5 unit - $40
  • 8x12 init - $175
  • 20x20 unit - $225
  • Over 20x20 unit - $375+
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Pressure Washer Rental

One of the most powerful (and let's be honest, most satisfying) methods by which to clean your home, a power washer is a high pressure water based system by which to clean your home exterior. This type of unit can strip oil off asphalt, paint off wood, and even mold off a vinyl siding. If you're ever in need of extreme cleaning, this is the solution for you. The roof pressure washer rental unit can easily rid a roof of any moss or mildew building up on top of your home. Generally average prices for renting a washer were as such (8):

  • Standard ~ $35 per day
  • Midgrade ~$71 per day
  • Heavy duty ~ $99 per day
  • Hot water ~ $141 per day
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American Rental Association

The ARA is an international organization dedicated to helping both owners and contractors in the rental industry (9). As of this article there are over 10,000 rental operators and 1,000 suppliers. The ARA offers membership to all rental store operators and companies, being an incredibly member driven organization. The business continues to grow and expand, having reached over $38 billion and counting in total rental sales revenue (10). Renting isn't just a booming industry, it's slowly becoming the norm.

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