Replace an ac unit

There are many factors that influence the condition and quality of your current AC, and replacing an AC unit can be the most expensive thing for a homeowner. You have to consider its age, maintenance, and other factors to decide if you're going to do the replacement or not.

People usually decide to change an AC unit when it breaks down, and at the moment it is most needed. That's when they realize how important the appliance is in their daily life.

Imagine your AC unit breaks down, you might ask yourself: repair or replace it? It is not a simple – nor cheap – question to answer, but you need to know the solution.

That is why this guide will help you through this decisive moment. Read on to discover when and how to repair or replace an AC unit!

Should You Repair or Replace Your AC Unit?

There are several factors to consider when thinking about home air conditioner replacement. They vary from technical aspects to personal decisions and preferences. Your choice should consider, at least, age and maintenance of your unit. Your budget might be important too!

What to Consider When Thinking About Replacing An AC Unit?

The following seven points should be considered before any rushed decision: age, maintenance, cost of repairing the unit, efficiency, incentives, and your needs and plans.

1.  What is the Age of Your AC Unit?

Age ac unit

Not everyone is sure of how long air conditioning units last. The lifespan of the equipment is also something variable under the environment and maintenance contexts. However, an average AC unit is estimated to last 15 years.

Beware that this will change according to the weather conditions in your region and the quality of the original machine and installation. If your system is ten years old or more, it is time to take replacement into account.

2.  What Have Been the Maintenance Habits?

Maintenance habits

The maintenance will necessarily determine your AC condition. A check-up is usually recommended to be done yearly, and you can also guarantee a longer life for your equipment by cleaning it up and changing filters more regularly.

If this is a habit you are adapted to, the condition of your machine is likely to require small repairs. However, if you honestly have not cared for it during the years, maybe something more drastic such as a big repair or even a replacement will be the case.

3.  What is the Cost to Repair or Replace an AC Unit?

Another thing to consider!

A new AC unit cost usually scares people away from the decision to change their old systems, and, despite being quite costly, replacing your machine may be more affordable than fully repairing it.

Everything depends on the conditions of it and the level of damage.

When it needs a simple fix, repairing is not expensive. But if you have a ten-year-old AC with less advanced technology, replacing might be the best option.

4.  Is Your System Matching and Energy Efficient?

System matching energy efficient

One of the possible origins of AC problems may be mismatching outdoor and indoor units. If your system is not matching, you might have to replace the compressor or the whole unit.

Another point is the efficiency of the machine. Energy can be saved and bills reduced if your current AC is energy efficient. If it's not, we suggest you substitute it with a more technologically advanced one.

5.  What are your Comfort Needs?

Also important if you're not sure about a replacement or a repair, if there is something you will know better than any technician is the comfort needs of your family and house.

The decision around your AC unit depends on how satisfied you were with the machine until it presented problems. Was it working properly for your needs? Then, a repair may be the most suited option. On the contrary, in case of any discontent, choosing a new AC could work better.

6.  How Long Do You Plan to Stay in the House?

How long plan stay house

Another personal matter is the time you intend to continue living in your current residence. In the case of a planned move for the next few years, getting a whole new machine and its installment might be a better choice for the longer-run – except, of course, there is no way of repairing it.

7.  Are There Incentives or Rebates?

The last factor for you to ponder, incentives or rebates are often offered by local institutions or companies to grant a discount for new and more efficient equipment. Replacing your old machine for a new one sounds like a reasonable choice under these conditions, don’t you think?

In any case, consulting a licensed technician before you replace an AC unit will guarantee a balanced choice and offer an intelligent next step. Go for it!

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