As with your property’s concrete driveway and solid wood deck, your home’s roof is subject to a significant amount of damage simply by being constantly exposed to the wear and tear of the sun’s rays and the worst that your area’s weather can conjure up. Unlike all your other exterior surfaces, however, your home’s roof can’t stand up to high pressure cleaning solutions without exchanging stains for costly and bothersome roofing repair needs. All too often homeowners attempt this kind of roofing cleaning or hire inexperienced or negligent roofing contractors who do so for them only to experience severe damage which only becomes apparent when water damage or even potential signs of roof collapse start developing. Fear not, though. There are ways to safely and effectively perform roofing cleaning so that your home looks its best all year round.

DIY Roof Cleaning

Power washing or pressure cleaning, no matter what you call it the satisfaction is there.
Pressure washing

There are a wide variety of roof cleaning products on the market today ranging from highly caustic solutions to all-natural sprays which all claim to swiftly complete roofing cleaning services if used properly. That said, homeowners have varying degrees of satisfaction with these solutions and may even do more harm than good through their application. If you are set on performing DIY roof cleaning, however, be sure to do so safely. Stay on the ground while spraying down your roof so as to eliminate the risk of you injuring yourself or your roofing tiles in the process. By using your standard garden hose and specially designed noncorrosive, nontoxic chemical sprays you can remove most of your stubborn mold and algae stains. Be sure to use broad, sweeping motions of your hose applicator to minimize the pressure on any specific area at once and always start by spraying the highest point you can reach first so as to minimize the space you respray. What’s more, to ensure that the solutions have the ability to properly set it’s important to perform your roofing cleaning services on a dry, sunny day.

Professional Roof Cleaning Contractors

As with most home remodeling projects, it’s not difficult to find professional roof cleaning contractors but it may be much more of a hassle to find ones who are reputable and affordable enough to be a perfect fit for your home’s roof cleaning service. When you begin looking for a roofing cleaner be sure to check into their work history, recommendations, and knowledge by asking about their usage of things like lye-based cleaners and pressure cleaners. If they hesitate to respond or state that they do use such things they aren't experienced enough to be working on your home. With professional roofing cleaners you can expect to pay somewhere between $300-$700 for the complete roof washing service but the results you receive from it will be much more long lasting and thorough than what you’d be able to achieve through DIY cleaning alone.

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