With Mother’s Day less than a week away it’s getting into crunch time to find a good way to show your mom how much you care. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to be like the rest of the guys in the greeting card aisle getting ready to send off an unoriginal, uninspired Mother’s Day message. This year why not pamper your mom with a relaxing, calming spa treatment right in the comfort of her own home? She’s sure to love the sentiment and you’re sure to love how easy it is to deck out even the most basic bathroom with the stunning spa features that will show mom just how much she’s loved. Simply use these design and decorating tips to create a sensational spa right in an existing bathroom!

Create Seclusion

The first step in turning a bathroom into a spa setting is to take steps to separate the space from the normalcy and routine of the rest of the home. This helps to ensure that when you walk your mom into your calming new sanctuary there’s a decided change from the stress and work of maintaining a home to the serenity and simplicity of her spa space. To make this distinction as clear as possible rely on things like semi-transparent curtains for both the windows and the shower to add a mystical, almost-visible aspect that’s both soothing in it’s flow and sumptuousness. When possible, a similar technique can be applied to the door entering the bathroom either by hanging a transparent curtain within the doorway or by replacing the door itself with one that features glass accents and windows to achieve the same unique separation with connection.

Soothe All the Senses

There’s more to the spa experience than a warm bath and a soft towel. Be sure your mom’s new bathroom spa is equipped with distractions that soothe all five senses including the comfort of soft textured towels and robes, the eye-catching beauty and simplicity of a minimalist design accented by some plant-life or candles, sweet scents like bath salts, lilac, and jasmine to help make the space even more relaxing, soft, soothing background music, and maybe a careful selection of wine, spring water, and chocolate to make an already memorable space into the absolute home of indulgence. When in doubt about the decorations and accents which make sense for your new bathroom remodel keep in mind the layout of professional spas and do what you can to imitate the simplicity and elegance found there.

Everything She Needs, Nothing She Doesn’t

It may seem obvious, but you’ll be amazed what a difference simply cleaning the bathroom will do to enhance the comfort of the new spa set-up you’re trying to achieve. Thoroughly and meticulously cleaning tile floors, organizing cabinets and storage, and displaying all the accents and needs which your mom will need for her full spa treatment in an exciting, eye-catching pattern will ensure that her new bathroom has the same level of welcoming comfort which she’ll find in any dedicated spa and salon with none of the overpriced expenses.

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