Shamrock garland ideas

Saint Patrick’s Day is getting close and you might be wondering what you are going to do to celebrate it. Regardless of your intentions, it will probably require attention to decoration, after all, Saint Patrick’s Day is all about good luck and green vibes.

People associate the special Irish Holiday with this color almost instantly. But the symbols of Saint Patrick’s are not limited to green. Collective imagination also relates it with pots of gold, leprechauns and shamrock!

If you want to celebrate it, you do not need good luck nor pots of gold to have a cool-looking event. These shamrock garlands will make your decoration the most creative and thematic it can be! Check out these tips and inspirations to add to your spot.

Felt Shamrock Garland

Felt shamrock garland

This is a charming and delicate decoration style for any purpose, but imagine how elegant your place will look like with a felt shamrock garland. You can either find it to buy or DIY! Bear in mind that, for you to do it yourself, you are going to need a few supplies. Such as:

  • Green felt
  • Shamrock template
  • Twine or yarn to hang
  • White or green thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors

Looking for something more “homey? Check the next option out!

Crochet Shamrock Garland

Crochet shamrock garland

Talk about a classic way to decorate a space! Crochet shamrock garlands are an artsy choice if you want to upgrade that Saint Patrick’s Day look.

They are super aesthetically pleasing and it will be no trouble for you to find someone to have it done or even, if you do have the skills, get crafty and do it at home!

Shamrock Garland Clipart

Shamrock garland clipart

If you have access to a good printer or a specialized place that does it, shamrock garland cliparts might be the handiest way to theme up your house! Clipart is easily found online with the most advanced quality. Print it out in good material and green up your place!

It is also a more diverse possibility, as it can be easier to access different styles of shamrock designs. Get creative and find the coolest cliparts!

Artificial Shamrock Garland

Artificial shamrock garland

Last but not least, another possibility for you to fill your friends, family and guests with the good fortune of Saint Patrick, creating artificial shamrock garlands will bring back that natural essence of the original plant and symbol.

In any case, with or without shamrock garlands, your themed decoration will be the most fortunate if you contact our decorators and designers, who will assist you in any need!

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