Having a garden can be fun and rewarding, but maintaining it is another thing altogether. Taking care of weeds is serious business, especially when they’re taken over your flowerbeds. So here’s our recommendations for natural weed killers that will keep your garden free and clear.

”Be honest, be nice, be a flower not a weed.” - Aaron Neville

Vinegar and Salt

Vinegar, dish soap, and salt make for a powerful combo
It's a simple recipe that can serve you well in gardening. Source: Joshua Feyen

This one is easy and you can find the ingredients if not in your kitchen then in your local grocery store. All you need is one gallon of white vinegar, a cup of salt, and a tablespoon of liquid dish soap.That’s all you need to make this simple but effective natural weed killer! Other benefits include:

  • It’s affordable
  • Easily applied
  • Easy to make
  • Can be sprayed anywhere
  • You probably have the ingredients in your kitchen right now

Boiling Water

This trick works especially well against weeds that are rising out of cracks in your concrete or asphalt. Just pour up a big pot of water, let it boil, and then (carefully) bring it over to the weeds and give them a bath. It may not be what kills weeds permanently, but it can certainly help! Besides, it’s inexpensive, chemical-free, simple and effective.

Landscape Fabric

Landscaping fabric can really make a difference
Gardening the smart way. Source: YouTube

Another fantastic method of mass weed control is the landscape fabric. It’s essentially a blanket for your plants that helps them grow while stifling weed growth. It can be placed over nearly any plant and has a similar effect to mulch. It’s also a homemade weed killer safe for grass.


Another proven (if odd) method of weeding
Chickens can do the work for you (seriously!) Source: Pexels

Yes, chickens. They love to peck and scratch at everything, so weeds aren’t excluded from the list. Keep in mind that grass and certain flowers aren’t excluded from the list either, so be careful about coop placement. In terms of overall cost value, chickens are close to being the best weed killer on the market!

Newspaper Blanket

Smothering the weeds with newspaper is an effective and cheap method
Put a cover over those weeds. Source: A hand made life

Exactly like the name implies, you’re taking a cheap, readily available material and basically ”smothering” the weeds with it. This blocks out sunlight, partial moisture, and hurts the stems of the weeds with pressure. It’s such a simple tip that it’s definitely worth a shot. And if that wasn't a good enough homemade weed killer, bleach will finish off the job.


Mulch is a tried and true method
You can use a lot of different mulches and they all work well. Source: Homehacks

Mulch is one of the most commonly used natural weed killers. Not only does it stop weeds from growing, but it also assists your plantlife in growing as well. It helps retain the moisture your plants deserve, while blocking sunlight from the weeds that leech from your plants. Mulch can be used in any garden!


Cornmeal is a great natural way to mulch
Another way to use natural weed killers. Source: Brightest

This one doubles as both a weed killer and a form of pest control. It can further be of use to any chicken coop owners, because again, chickens will scratch and peck more wherever you lay down the cornmeal. The ingredient gets a lot of perks in the natural gardening world, which makes it the best weed killer recipe on the list.

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